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Artist with 6 years of related work experience, as well as portfolio of varied accomplishments including referenced articles, exhibitions, and academic achievements. Possess a strong sense of artistry and forward-thinking, that is consistently displayed across all art pieces. Capable of communicating with clients regarding specifications for customised art pieces.


Providing exceptional service in art field. Serving in the field of art and contributing my active experience for finding and exploring new opportunities. An artist with outstanding presentation skills and an ongoing commitment to great customer service. High performing leader with superb knowledge of industry, counselling viewpoint to development.


Obtaining an entry-level position with a prestigious company where my interpersonal skills can be best utilised. Also, to be a part of the challenging team which strives for the better growth of the organisation and which explores my potential and provides me with the opportunity to enhance my talent with an intention to be an asset to the company.


  • Manage the Media Department in all Media activities for the Office projects which include publications, ads, conferences, events, public speeches and press release.
  • Identification of events or conferences proposals, missions and messages to be delivered to the audience or clients.
  • Creating new ideas, models and sketching.
  • Preparing work piece in respond to order.
  • Working in off site or theaters, maintaining to health and protection processes.
  • Providing materials and maintaining good relationships with suppliers.
  • Planning and managing budgets and calculating expenses required for shows.
  • Managing duties for other staff.
  • Coordinate and invite directly the speakers such as ambassadors, public figures, or celebrities.
  • Supervise the Company magazine art design, follow up with the printing and distributing, etc.
  • Design, develop, and deliver art pieces to clients according to specifications.
  • Create abstract sculptures to be displayed in local establishments.
  • Produce stylized and realistic photos for 3 online websites.
  • Collaborate with local museum to develop and fit art installations across outside area.


  • Design and prepare the campaign logistics and assign working team.
  • Prepare schedules and support services for meetings and conferences, taking important minutes.
  • Maintains and updates a comprehensive filling system and Maintain confidential records.
  • Catalogued a total of 1,200 items according to different categories, completing project 30 days ahead of schedule.
  • Analyzed database record and ensured integrity of bibliographic contents.
  • Re-wrote new descriptions for 30% of items that were outdated or had insufficient information.
  • Managing art classes on daily basis.
  • Organizing and managing art shows and contracting with theater.
  • Preparing reports and presenting to the director.
  • Searching and visiting locations and consulting with people.
  • Coordinating with actors, contractors and theater owner.
  • Preparing press advertisements.
  • Evaluating a project and responding to the main sponsor or funder
  • Prepared functional as well as various decorative products by hands and other methods.
  • Utilized and maintained knowledge of various hand and power tools on regular basis.
  • Participated in craft shows to produce quality market products.
  • Monitored finished products and applied finishing touches to it before selling.
  • Developed prototypes and models to be created for products.
  • Designed the entire product packaging such as display and pricing of product.


  • Figured out a faster method of estimating the cost of our printing jobs and reduced cost by 15%.
  • Increased sales in the local territory 22% in two years.
  • Decreased customer dissatisfaction by conducting a survey to determine causes of low sales and implementing counter measures.
  • Received 3 promotions in four years.
  • Became one of the youngest artist ever in the chain.
  • Created the first performance measurements, charts, statistics, and graphs for most functions of the department.
  • Developed a form and formula for calculating return on investment on large-quantity purchases.
  • Won the first “innovative achievement in arts” award from corporate.
  • Developed and implemented a 4-year marketing plan which successfully met all marketing and sales objectives by 100%.
  • Served as primary copywriter on advertising campaigns for large accounts and new product launches.
  • Generated campaign response-rates of between 6% and 8% (up to 4 times the industry average).
  • Successfully organised a huge marketing fair, which resulted in increasing the company’s clientele by a staggering 15%.


  • Solo Exhibition: Thesis Exhibition, John Bent
  • Two-Person Exhibition: Moore Contemporary, New York, NY (with industrial artist Lisa Meyer)


  • Innovative
  • Communication
  • Attention to Detail
  • Artistic Ability
  • Time Management
  • Designing Systems
  • Teaching Skills
  • Photography
  • Design Concept
  • Creativity
  • Goal Settings

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