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Highly reliable and focused Personal Banker with an exceptional client service record and extraordinary depth of loan and credit knowledge. Able to explain complex financial management concepts to a wide variety of professional and non-professional audiences. Adept at working independently or as part of a professional banking team.


Conscientious personal banker with 5 years’ experience in financial management profession. Qualified to advise high-earning clients on financial matters including investments, taxes, retirement, property acquisition, asset management, and estate planning. Communicate with clients to identify goals and develop plans for achieving them. Offer advice and information based upon clients’ degree of financial knowledge and desired level of involvement. Maintain qualifications by pursuing ongoing education opportunities and staying updated on policy changes.


Bank Teller with over 10+ years of experience of providing excellent customer service, handling customer transactions, referring credit products and balancing cash drawers. Seeking to fulfill ad Teller II position in a bank where I can utilize my knowledge of banking products and procedures. I am a dedicated team player who is bilingual in English/Spanish and can be relied upon to help your bank achieve its goals.


Dedicated bank teller and loan officer with a solid 6 years of experience in a variety of bank branches and credit unions. Committed to providing customers with top-notch service that exemplifies the bank’s company culture, mission statement, and desire to keep customers banking with us for as long as possible. Remain up to date on the bank’s latest products, such as loans and certificates of deposits, so they can be offered to customers as supplementary services for maximum efficiency and to help them meet their financial goals.


A well-presented, industrious and highly personable individual who has extensive in-depth experience of the entire banking industry. Possessing a huge range of abilities from providing support and leadership to junior staff right through to being able to successfully sell the money, credit and products of a bank. Able to gain the trust of customers by interacting with people from all backgrounds. Also having a proven record of contributing to the profitability of previous employers by generating income and revenue growth.


Experienced and well maintained professional having ample amount of knowledge in banking sector and seeking an opportunity in the organization to use my skills and be able to contribute to the firm for which I am working. I will put my best effort to learn the company's policies and make better decisions in the favour of the company.


  • Quickly established credibility with clients and remembered over 50+ names of regulars, creating a friendly rapport with customers.
  • Adhered to strict safe deposit box operations and guidelines.
  • Assisted the Supervisor with audits and daily balancing of the vault which exceeded $50,000.
  • Organized 80+ customer transaction receipts on a daily basis so that they could be properly filed in a timely manner.
  • Assumed a leadership role in the absence of the supervisor and maintained that the bank floor operated normally.
  • Conducted individual financial analysis to determine appropriate loan and credit options.
  • Responded to all customer queries and issues after performing appropriate research.
  • Maintained strict confidentiality for all client information.
  • Maintained and updated office process reports on a regular basis.
  • Updated high-value profiles and portfolios for important clients.
  • Assisted with all new account openings and business deposits.
  • Furnished program and product information to all new clients as requested.
  • Designed and proposed sales and promotional campaigns to enhance client base.
  • Upheld bank security policies and procedures in all conducted business.
  • Maintained and updated customer profiles on a regular basis.
  • Reach out to individual customers and companies to see if they have need of a loan.
  • Gather loan applicant personal and financial information to start the loan process.
  • Make sure customers understand their loan options as well as the terms and conditions that come with them.
  • Approve all loan applications before passing them on to management for a final decision.
  • Maintaining a professional image at all times.
  • Working closely with small and medium sized businesses.
  • Managing and monitoring the performance of bank employees.
  • Putting into effect new procedures and policies passed down from Head Office.
  • Handling customer queries face to face, over the phone or via correspondence.
  • Marketing new financial products or services.
  • Analysing financial reports.


  • Process standard teller transactions for customers including servicing client accounts, accepting loan payments, managing safe deposit box payments, cashing checks, balancing cash drawers, handling night deposits, correcting discrepancies.
  • Balance Automated Teller machines, Teller Cash Dispensers (TCDs)/ Teller Cash Recyclers (TCRs) often totaling more than $100,000.
  • Process 25+ customer transactions per hour with extreme attention to detail.
  • Selling and redeeming U.S. Savings Bonds applications to the Federal Reserve as needed.
  • Respond to customer account inquiries totaling 130+ weekly accounts.
  • Assisted with the training of 2 new tellers ensuring that they received a comprehensive education on proper banking policies.
  • Maintain portfolios of financially successful clients.
  • Provide weekly economic reports in clients’ desired platforms, explain changes, and recommend weekly objectives.
  • Assess client priorities and recommend budget alterations to maximize economic strength.
  • Allocate assets to enable optimal security and spending flexibility.
  • Analyze projected retirement figures and advise plan modifications when necessary.
  • Use existing financial policies to amplify client asset growth.
  • Consistently help clients achieve financial success, leading to 100 percent of clients meeting investment goals while 75 percent exceeded them in 2018.
  • Ensuring the smooth running of basic banking transactions.
  • Looking after the short term and long term funding requirements of business clients and individual customers.
  • Advising clients on mortgages and raising loans.
  • Building relationships with high net worth individuals.
  • Answering any financial and banking queries.
  • Contributing towards policy making.
  • Providing advice on investments.


  • Managed branch operations and day to day activities like handling of vault operations.
  • Guiding of new employees in defining the work environment.
  • Handled selling and buying of the policies of the companies.
  • Established 1 of the branch of the company successfully overseas.
  • Advised clients navigating periods of financial distress.
  • Evaluated client debts, obligations, and spending habits to identify sources of liability and areas of potential strength.
  • Recommended measures such as debt consolidation, mortgage refinancing, and asset liquidizing depending on circumstances.
  • Wrote monthly action plans to encourage client focus and motivation.
  • Followed up with clients weekly to track progress and provide advice.
  • Set majority of clients on paths to debt-neutrality, which led to 80 percent of clients reporting in post-program surveys they were pleased with their experiences and felt confident moving forward.
  • Prepared taxes for patrons of financial advising company.
  • Identified client tax status and assisted them in completing the requisite forms.
  • Calculated taxes owed and explained figures to clients.
  • Applied knowledge of tax laws to maximize amounts of state and federal returns.
  • Educated clients about tax policy to help them achieve greater success in the future.
  • Consistently received ratings of 9 or 10 on 10-point client satisfaction surveys.
  • Oversaw and managed all teller operations for maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.
  • Created monthly work schedules and helped train new tellers.
  • Developed new training method for tellers that reduced customer complaints by 7 percent, increased customer satisfaction by 5 percent, and cut down on wait times by three minutes.
  • Advising companies on how to effectively use their money to grow their business.
  • Presenting information clearly to customers, work colleagues and third parties.
  • Representing the bank within the local community.
  • Verifying customer data to detect and identify financial fraud.
  • Opening new bank accounts for individuals and also companies.
  • Responsible for cash management.


  • Reduced manual transaction processing time by 18% through implementation of modern bank telling strategies.
  • Up-sold financial services by 15% within first six months of employment by demonstrating high quality customer care and client referral protocol.
  • Earned employee of the month 7 times during tenure at HSBC Bank from 2014 - 2018.
  • Enhanced overall mortgage clientele by 23% through client referrals and telephonic marketing.
  • Trained a team of 15 new employees regarding bank procedures and cash drawer handling protocol.
  • Implemented and designed the structure of the financial software for the company.
  • Recruited, hired, mentored, and led a core team of 4 managers.
  • Successfully processed 45 checks in 2 hour, during a staff shortage incident on a busy day at the bank.
  • Met all reconciliation deadlines between the years 2013 and 2018.
  • Exceeded annual goals by aggressively selling the company’s new products and services to counter clients.
  • Successfully resolved a standing issue with a client, which had been in limbo for 6 months.
  • Chosen out of 50 tellers in 5 branches to perform advanced transactions including foreign exchange.
  • Brought onboard 3 corporate clients, which increased the bank’s annual revenue by 13%.
  • Trained 36 tellers (in batches of 6) as part of their training and induction.
  • Created and implemented metric to identify clients’ potential product and service needs, which was considered 60% more successful than the ones already in place.
  • Reconciled a particularly difficult cash report, which had been worked on unsuccessfully by 6 other tellers.
  • Balanced cash drawers for 4 cash counters within the provided deadline of 2 hours.
  • Implemented a series of security procedures by introducing dual-control functions, which were deemed 85% effective in unearthing bank frauds.


  • Analytical and Planning Skills
  • Communication
  • Customer Service
  • Problem Solving
  • Risk Modelling
  • Teller Transactions
  • Numeracy skills
  • Intellectual
  • Global outlook
  • IT skills
  • Resilience in high-pressure environments
  • Visionary focus
  • Industry knowledge
  • Audit and compliance skills
  • Product and valuation control
  • Financial problem-solving ability
  • Management skills
  • Resilience
  • Quick Learner
  • Innovation
  • Adaptability

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