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Business Development Manager


Focused Business Development Manager with exceptional planning and implementation capabilities. Highly-trained in computer science with in-depth understanding of user’s requirements gathering and market trends. Adept at cultivating managing and leveraging client relationships. Strong record of accomplishment over 8 years in sales and marketing. Decisive and forward-thinking leader with persuasive communication style. Offering a wealth of experience in signing long-term clients. Hardworking, educated and willing to go the extra mile to complete any task. Dedicated Business Development Executive who thrives on prospect targeting.


Expert business strategist with a sound understanding of organizational development and sales. Skilled communicator with over 10 years of experience providing companies with successful solutions to building organizational success. Persuasive negotiator who uses integrity and professionalism in presenting joint ventures, assessing acquisition opportunities, and identifying new markets. Innovative thinker who detects more efficient ways of growing company assets by recommending new products, revolutionizing current product offerings, and testing new market approaches. Successfully improving sales and growing company customer base through effective program management, strategic planning and team leadership. Results-oriented business development management professional focused on exceeding revenue objectives and driving business growth. Excellent networking and lead development skills. Effective Business Development Executive offering excellent skills in lead generation and proposal writing.


Team player who relates easily to people of all background with a consultative, flexible approach. Knowledgeable Business Development Executives who has spent more than 7 years working in busy, customer-focused settings. Skilled at leveraging unique motivation methods to boost sales team success. Accomplished in gaining market share, generating internal support and building executive relationships. Driven business development professional who effectively builds loyalty and long-term relationships with customers while consistently exceeding sales targets. Representative who successfully grows brand awareness through increased market penetration and new market development. Driven to inspire customer confidence and foster business growth.


Highly results-oriented sales professional offering more than 3 years of successful corporate business development experience. Strengths include sales, project management, account management and cold calling. Marketing and business development professional offering high-profile firm expertise. Specializes in targeting clients in the financial service and private equity sectors. Adept at managing the entire life cycle of product sales, from concept to market. Persuasive professional successful at establishing and maintaining key partnerships with corporate decision makers.


  • Created reports and presentations detailing business development activities.
  • Participated and actively engaged in strategy meetings with other shareholders.
  • Identified issues and crafted unique and immediate solutions to remedy them.
  • Strategize ways to build market share, increase revenue, and acquire success through innovative developments in organizational structure.
  • Facilitate sales presentations and communications for upcoming joint venture opportunities and collaborative business efforts.
  • Identify ways to build brand awareness through engaging campaigns that establish the company reputation, incite curiosity, and inform potential customers. Establish product loyalty through continual efforts to build, re-brand, modify, and increase product offerings in a way that is honest, competitive, and true to the company mission.
  • Represented company and promoted products at conferences and trade association meetings.
  • Devised effective marketing, sales and other promotional initiatives.
  • Consistently exceeded quotas through penetration of new accounts.
  • Identified and pursued valuable business opportunities to generate new company revenue and improve bottom line profit.
  • Scheduled promotional activities in accordance with available inventory and staff resources.
  • Worked with existing customers to increase purchases of products and services.
  • Researched and identified opportunities for growth.


  • Ensured that client inquiries were handled professionally and efficiently
  • Negotiated and closed long-term agreements with new clients in assigned territory.
  • Kept meticulous client notes in Salesforce.
  • Managed four area market managers in their respective jurisdictions to verify market growth, accessibility, and areas of improvement.
  • Evaluated competitors in terms of market share, product offering, recognizable strategies, and advertising efforts to determine strategies that would strengthen our company’s presence in those areas.
  • Researched market conditions, including customer interest and availability, product need, economy volatility, access to resources, and shipping requirements, to make confident decisions in pursuing, maintaining, and strengthening market opportunities.
  • Developed new business by networking with valuable customers.
  • Developed and promoted successful company sales and account management personnel into leadership positions to drive company growth.
  • Reached out to potential customers via telephone, email and in-person inquiries.
  • Negotiated, prepared and signed contracts with customers.
  • Collaborated with company departments to develop new strategies to capitalize on emerging customer and market trends.


  • Oversaw a group of five area sales managers and collaborated with each to identify the progress, opportunity, and condition of each jurisdiction.
  • Lead monthly trainings for executive management to provide them with recent research on best practices, sales strategies, and competition movement.
  • Contributed to the company recognizing a nearly 20 percent increase in yearly revenue through a recommended sales training to teach sales professionals about proper negotiation and closing tactics.
  • Attended industry functions, such as association events and conferences.
  • Attended sales meetings.
  • Coordinated sales teams to propose new business.
  • Built and evolved programs to recruit/develop partners from around the world.
  • Conducted quality business reviews for existing customers.
  • Built strong partnerships across internal and external stakeholders to drive roadmap and program evolution.
  • Collaborated with sales team to expand business development efforts, including contributing to annual profit plan and assist with the implementation and execution of such plans and tracking outcomes.
  • Conducted merchandising research for customers regarding products to meet their needs.
  • Developed primary vendor programs.


  • Brought in 500 new customers in 2016 with a total value of $200 thousand.
  • Exceeded quarterly objectives by as much as 15% on a regular basis.
  • Increased yearly revenue by 24% in 2017.
  • Directed a team of 40 personnel bringing in $60 thousand per year.
  • Increased public sector and commercial account business by 8%.
  • Produced 3% increase in YTD revenue on individual accounts.
  • Increased customer base by 15 % by expanding market to include London.
  • Boosted add-on business by 5% within 15 days of hire.
  • Ranked as a top performer, averaging 3% above sales quota each month.
  • Achieved record-high client growth in 2018 by developing a comprehensive sales and marketing plan.
  • Recipient of 2015 New Business Excellence Award for most new accounts.
  • Developed strong relationships with key referral sources which resulted in 12% increase in referrals over one-year period. Initiated two key partnerships which resulted in 15% revenue growth.
  • Designed and executed one-month training program for company sales team, increasing employee productivity and product knowledge by 10%.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Client Relations
  • Market Understanding
  • Relationship Building
  • Team Leadership
  • Quality Control
  • Prospect targeting
  • Sales Expertise
  • Revenue Generation
  • Key Decision Making
  • Results-Oriented
  • Performance Metrics
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Networking Strength
  • Campaign Development
  • Forecasting Ability


  • Real Estate and Business Agent's License

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