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Charted Accountant


A highly successful chartered accountant with invaluable experience in financial reporting and accounting covering a variety of industries from start-up business, to financial management and company closures. Hands on experience of providing professional advice in strategic sectors such as financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance and insolvency. Easy going by nature and able to work with all members of staff regarding finance issues to resolve problems.


Professional Auditor who diligently monitors budgetary matters to achieve financial accountability and transparency. Skilled in risk assessment and discussing potential compliance issues with management. Results-oriented professional adept at applying innovative entrepreneurial thinking to creatively identify and resolve issues in a timely manner.


Successful Charted Accountant with excellent knowledge of financial reporting and accounting possessing 3 year experience. Expert in covering all aspects from startup business, to financial management and company closures. Proven ability in professional judgment dealing with the disclosure of information in financial reporting. Proficient in computation corporate, individual and taxes, corporate organizations, surplus distribution and cross boundary analysis etc. Highly skilled in researching issues and finding solution and best alternatives to tax issues. Easy going nature and able to coordinate with all departments.


Exceptional account and finance professional with 7+ years of experience. Strong work experience in all sorts of accounting and financial practices. Adept at maintaining books of accounts in compliance with current statutory. Skilled in closing business accounts, reconciling balance sheets, and preparing annual finance statements. Expert in tracking and recording cash flows, and assisting in maintaining emergency funds. Outstanding leadership qualities with strong knowledge of market trends.


Exceptionally talented Chartered Accountant with over 10 years of experience in liaising with both individual and corporate clients to provide financial information and advice. Highly skilled in maintaining accounting records and preparing accounts and management information for assigned areas.


  • Supervision of accounting work on SAP/Tally ERP 9.0
  • Monitoring of timely deposit of Duties & Taxes.
  • Looking after sub-contractor/vendors bill accounting, payments and ledgers scrutiny and handling reconciliation of debtor & creditors outstanding.
  • Reconciliation of SAP & Tally Accounts Data on timely basis.
  • Preparation of stock statement for the purpose of bank utilization.
  • Preparation of Reports as per requirement of Sales Dept. / management.
  • Involvement in the Production Process on SAP done by team members.
  • Working on SAP Reports as per requirement of management.
  • Managing finance and accounting functions, designing and implementing accounting policies and procedures, analyzing financial information, and determining financial objectives for the organization.
  • Supervising accounting teams for preparation of monthly account books, reconciling of business accounts, and up gradation of financial reports.
  • Planning and developing business modeling to mitigate risks involved in projects, and for increasing revenue.
  • Assisting in filing tax returns, and planning financial objectives, and streamlining accounting procedures.
  • Advising management on tax planning, and acquisition and merger of business.
  • Preparing financial statements, including monthly and annual accounts and also maintaining for stakeholders' and management's reference and forecasting.
  • Performing company's financial audit periodically, and managing accounting and financial systems and budgets.
  • Helped cut down on excessive transportation costs, energy costs and management time by streamlining cement loads in trucks and trains.
  • Designed operational systems, accounts, management controls and reports systems.
  • Performed Analytical studies of systems, Audit Trail Project studies and its financial implications.


  • Compliance of provisions related to TDS & Service Tax.
  • Stock verification, Ledger Scrutiny.
  • Review of Fixed Assets & Investment Register.
  • Analysis & vouching of major expenses.
  • Verification of prior period exp. & provision creation.
  • Verification of Bank Statements, Loans and borrowings.
  • Compliance related to cash payment & Payroll.
  • Preparation of Audit Queries & discussion with the departmental heads.
  • Corresponded regularly with banks, lawyers, CFO's, controllers and investment advisors to assist in various projects.
  • Final reporting including attending final meetings with client management and issuing audited financial statements.
  • Provided unique tax planning to various corporations and high net worth individuals regarding family trusts, IPPS, incorporation, income splitting, tax deferral and various other methods to minimize taxes.
  • Responsible for various personal, corporate, trust and other unique tax returns and professional advice regularly.
  • Began firm as an articling student and within 3 years advanced as a senior qualified Chartered Accountant in 2018.
  • Lead various firm marketing and business development initiatives. Organized and lead various tradeshows and conferences.
  • Responsible for monitoring profitability.
  • Involved in the daily overseeing and management of the company’s financial systems and budgets.
  • Organizing and maintaining accurate company accounting records.
  • Analyzing financial data and preparing financial statements and accounting information and reports for senior managers and directors and proposing recommendations.
  • Investigating and dealing with financial irregularities.
  • When necessary liaising with banks and other financial institutions.
  • Supervising junior members of staff and trainee accountants.
  • Instrumental in helping to turn around a loss making department.
  • Involved in re-negotiating major agreements.
  • Communicating with external outsourcing partners to implement improvements to accounting practices.
  • Holding monthly meetings to review overhead reports with departmental heads.


  • Documentation Verification, Asset Analysis.
  • Loan verification including NPA, verification of Interest on Loan and advances whether charged correctly.
  • Checking TDS Provision, checking whether insurance policy taken for cash.
  • In charge of feasibility studies on potential company investments.
  • Involved in the preparation of budgets and monitoring the company’s profit and loss.
  • Regular monitoring of the companies investments and finances and reporting these to senior managers.
  • Overseeing the preparation of tax returns and the books of accounts.
  • Responsible for managing the firm’s payroll, stock control and credit control.
  • Controlling the expenditure of the company.
  • Providing advice on tax planning and VAT.
  • Cash books and bank reconciliations.
  • Processing and chase receipts for sales invoices.
  • Responsible for journal preparation for bank, payroll, accruals, salary etc.
  • In charge of Client and Supplier payments.
  • Producing expense reports and investigating variances.
  • Auditing the entries to be complied with the rules and the accounting system of each company.
  • Auditing the table of depreciation for the assets.
  • Auditing the final accounts ( Loss and Profit , Balance sheet )
  • Raising our report to the management including our notes and solutions.
  • Prepare the tax declaration according to the financial results of the company.
  • Access the establishment regulations with the authorities for the new companies.
  • Managed various accounting functions, prepared bank reconciliation statements, and cash inflow reports.
  • Assisted in the development and installation of accounting systems to speed up operations.
  • Provided specialized and general analysis support to junior accountants in various accounting functions.
  • Assisted in interpreting accounting data, analyzing financial reports, and recommending specific actions to avoid risks or issues.
  • Prepared a variety of financial and accounting reports including expenditure reports, executive summaries, etc.


  • Awarded with ‘Student of the week’ award many times at the school level.
  • Getting a rank holder position throughout my schooling career.
  • Cleared CA (PE-I) in first attempt with 85% Marks.
  • Improved the accuracy of budget forecasts by 15%.
  • Successfully planned and dealt with the income and capital taxes for various segments of company.
  • Revamped the accounting system, which ended up in increased efficiency in handling accounting controls.
  • Reduced paperwork 75% by converting all accounting procedures to an electronic form.
  • Increased accounting department’s efficiency by 25% through rigorous training of accounting staff
  • Stayed within budget for petty cash disbursement for 5 years.
  • Directed a team of 32 accounting professionals from offshore offices for an intense training program.
  • Cut overhead costs $10,000 by comparing electricity costs from two departments (one using alternative energy resources) and suggesting use of alternative energy for all departments across the organization.
  • Reconciled a complex financial statement within 5 hours, which had been stuck in limbo for 8 months.
  • Introduced the concept of digital distribution agreements which decreased processing time by 30%.
  • Designed a complex online accounting system which increased efficiency by 50% owing to easy access from all off-state offices.
  • Implemented corrective measures for ensuring that minor accounting discrepancies do not transpire.


  • Financial Modelling
  • Analytical Ability
  • Financial Reporting
  • Complex Budgeting
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Financial Risk Assessment
  • Corporate Governance
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Commercial management
  • Tax planning
  • Financial audits
  • Business expansion
  • Budgets / Forecasts
  • Cost cutting
  • Credit control

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