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Civil Engineer


A Civil Engineer with more than 5 years of vast experience in infrastructure like Metro Stations, Road and Railway tunnels, Bridges and Metro Rail viaduct structures and High rise buildings, Long span bridges, Cable stay bridges. Industrial Building design. Structural design of Fire Safety building, Workshop, Control center, etc. Metro viaduct, superstructures and substructures detailed design. Experience in site supervision, construction works, accountancy, tendering and evaluation. Experience in prestressing detailed drawings. Road and rail alignment drawings and geotechnical profile. Knowledge of construction methods and construction sequences in civil structural constructions above or below the ground. Sound knowledge of engineering software’s.


Skilled civil engineer with eight years of experience in a variety of engineering aspects. Professional presence with ability to work independently with very little supervision. Motivated individual who is committed to delivering the highest quality service in challenging environments. Focused on environmental, safety, and health issues.


Civil Engineer with 3+ years of experience planning solutions for multi-story buildings, leveraging computer drafting, research and analysis, and cost estimation with a focus on safety and environmental concerns.


  • Supervise 18 project employees, including in-house, external contractors, and sub-contractors
  • Attend meetings and discuss project details with clients, contractors, asset owners and stakeholders
  • Trained three new employees in a supervisory capacity to take over similar projects and aid company expansion
  • Perform drafting according to specifications; ensured compliance with all project QA procedures and requirements
  • Inspect inventories and prepared orders for civil projects and refractory materials in line with budgeted figures averaging $1,000,000; coordinated and conducted section trials
  • Work closely with process engineers for follow up and evaluation, and presented reports on trial materials according to designated schedules.
  • Assigns and schedules shifts of construction workers, employees and/or their supervisors in multiple locations and areas.
  • Identifies potential glitches by studying traffic patterns and environmental conditions.
  • Collates and studies survey reports, maps, drawings, blueprints, aerial photographs and other data required for construction projects.
  • Determines the adequacy and strength of foundations, concrete, asphalt or steel by testing soil and materials.
  • Estimates cost of supplies, equipment, and labor. Plans ways and means to control operations cost, overruns and worker turnover.
  • Examines landscape, potential risks, opportunities, and barriers of the proposed project site.


  • Performed column plumbing and shimming, on top of steel elevations and dig permits.
  • Completed Job Hazard Assessments to identify any hazards related to job tasks and applied safety mitigation techniques to lower risks.
  • Wrote weekly quantity reports for soil volumes to track progress and invoice clientele.
  • Maintained client relationships; prepared bids; liaised with clients and sub-consultants to comprehend the output requirements and monitored project costs and progress.
  • Oversaw construction of strip mall from design to completion.
  • Supervised 50 in-house workers plus subcontractors on site and consulted team managers on work shifts which improved productivity by 80%.
  • Sourced construction materials and price quotations from supply stores located near the site. Negotiated better terms which decreased the cost of materials by 30%.
  • The created data system that tracked daily progress of work, the inventory level of materials on site and work shifts.
  • Prepared monthly consumption (material, utilities, labor etc) and daily progress reports. Made necessary adjustments to keep operating costs within projected range.
  • Utilized employee scheduling software— Snap Schedule and prevented high worker turnover and minimized grievances.


  • Experience in detailing of horizontal alignment and vertical profile drawings for metro rail in various projects above or below the ground, layout on horizontal alignment in elevated metro rail projects in India and international projects.
  • Directed activities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Analyzed manufacturing byproducts to discover engineering solutions to reduce the output of pollutants.
  • Designed systems to dispose of biological and chemical toxic waste material.
  • Tested soils and different materials to determine the strength of steel, asphalt, and foundations.
  • Experience in detailed drawings of long span special bridges, balanced cantilever bridge, Cable stay bridges, Metro viaduct structures, superstructures and substructures.
  • Experience in preparing Bill of Quantities for metro structures and stations.
  • Experience in detailed drawings of Pier caps, Abutments, Metro stations, Staircases, Prestressing and other structural drawings.
  • Experience in design of Drainage system and Drainage principle in elevated Metro viaduct structures.
  • Experience in preparing Tender Design, Preliminary Design and Detailed Design structural drawings.
  • To prepare volumetric drawings in AutoCAD 3d for quantity calculations.
  • To prepare drawings for construction methodology with alternative methods according to different site conditions and construction sequences for precast and cast-in-situ super structure.
  • Manage the operations and construction of multiple project sites.
  • Provide technical guidance regarding structural repairs, construction, and design.
  • Use computer-assisted drawing tools to design structures and transportation systems.
  • Train new employees to supervise projects in order to expand the company.


  • Submitted tenders for 73 contracts within 5 years, resulting in a successful contract with over 75%.
  • Awarded ‘Top Achiever’ status above all other employees who joined through the company graduate scheme.
  • Managed 2 -3 million budget projects and achieved project scheduled goals.
  • Offered plans for enhancement in which children are encouraged to be engaged in the learning process in engineering field.
  • Provided exceptional support to managers and co-workers which increased overall efficiency by 30%.
  • Achieved appreciation letter for arranging team meetings and publishing accurate minutes.
  • Collaborated with other departments of company to centralize the customer database for easy retrieval of information.
  • Coordinated team events and town hall activities at the best yet economical locations – saved expenses by 40%.
  • Rewarded for getting highest percentage in university exam.
  • Managed projects of up to $220,000 and totaled about $1,300,000 in gross income during tenure.
  • Managed a team of 3 engineers and 3 draftsmen in structural design of heavy civil industrial projects.
  • Consulting on difficult engineering problems for more than 100 projects including office buildings, hotels, stadiums, apartment complexes and industrial buildings.


  • Communication
  • Effective Planning
  • Quality Engineering
  • Project Management
  • Adaptability
  • Critical Thinking
  • Preparing Operations and Maintenance Manuals
  • Creativity
  • Decision Making

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