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Communication Specialist


Creative and motivated Communications Specialist utilizes exceptional design and planning to present companies in the best possible light to customers and the public. Having excellent writing skills and extensive knowledge of brochure and press-release writing. Holding a Master’s Degree in Communications and Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and more than 11 years of Communications experience. Highly accomplished in public speaking, public relations and business partnership development. Successful in personal relations and business marketing. Results-oriented Communications Strategist talented at public speaking and presentation development.


Communication Specialist successful at presenting business concepts in an organized and persuasive manner. Deadline-driven and highly motivated. Versed in media relations, marketing and advertising. Expertly pitches ideas for commercials and radio advertisements for large food corporations. Expertise with strengths in special events and promotion planning. Frequently attends marketing seminars and conducts outside research to stay current with market trends and consumer needs. Collaborates with large clothing retailers on product promotion and public image improvement strategies. Prioritizes consumer needs in creating advertising concepts.


Ambitious Communication Specialist bringing more than 6 years of experience. Quick to learn and implement new technologies into online marketing strategies. Looking to bring creativity and talent to the organisation. Successful in creating on-brand marketing content for existing and new social media platforms. Accomplished in evaluating analytics and marketing campaign results to adjust strategies and achieve goals. Proficient in social media monitoring and management tools. Driving innovation and early adoption of emerging technologies and platforms. Expert in managing relationships with high-profile clients and translating marketing and social media needs into results-driven strategies.


Highly seasoned and dedicated Corporate Communications Specialist with an exceptional record of client satisfaction. Adept at facilitating clear and transparent communication between all levels of company staff. Able to work well independently or in coordination with a professional communications team.


  • Organized and hosted media calls to address quarterly financial results.
  • Developed key messaging, branding and positioning statements.
  • Served as the primary point of contact for incoming media calls, including requests for meetings and interviews with company executives and experts.
  • Consulted with practice areas to ensure technical accuracy of marketing collateral content and managed external vendors to implement marketing projects.
  • Developed and executed promotion strategies for 4-5 domestic and international conferences per year that contributed to new RFPs.
  • Authored 12 therapeutic summary sheets to spotlight depth of therapeutic experience of staff that supported selling efforts.
  • Managed creative development and execution of marketing campaigns including email blasts that yielded open rates as high as 40%.
  • Co-developed and launched new company website that yielded highly improved bounce rates with engaging content and intuitive click paths.
  • Created and maintained company web pages using HTML and CSS.
  • Executed media campaign designed to raise company profile in preparation for IPO.
  • Developed and managed communications strategies, plans and budgets.
  • Conducting marketing strategy and campaigns.
  • Wrote and designed brochures and press-releases.
  • Performed copy-editing and proofreading tasks.
  • Communicated with advertisers to secure timely advertisement submissions.
  • Created both print and electronic promotional marketing materials and revised them.


  • Coached management on communication tactics with staff and customers regarding organization changes.
  • Wrote and edited company case studies, fact sheets and product collateral.
  • Coordinated trade shows, media buying and planning, sales promotions and direct mail campaigns.
  • Created interactive digital presentations for executives.
  • Conveyed noteworthy information about project successes and product updates to customers.
  • Drafted and managed print, online and social media communications designed to promote company brand, image and values.
  • Established and maintained external communications calendar and managed scheduled assignments.
  • Conducted corporate public relations campaign in a hostile market.
  • Successfully strategized effective press releases and a positive corporate image.
  • Created and delivered media relations content and delivered media outreach.
  • Wrote executive bios and designed the corporate response to overcome negative public opinion.
  • Provided feedback to all departments on brand consistency in outbound communications.


  • Developed and implemented marketing strategies to increase brand visibility on- and offline during known peak seasons.
  • Led the integration of sales and marketing to establish best practices that improved customer response times three-fold.
  • Launched customer satisfaction surveys using CRM principles to attract new clients and foster customer loyalty.
  • Introduced and managed employee newsletter to keep drivers abreast on etiquette and business growth goals, encouraging them to be positive first points of contact.
  • Improved customer experience through website re-design and by managing social media platforms to establish effective response times and convert leads to sales.
  • Drafted post-event evaluations, compiled results and recommended changes for future events.
  • Leveraged professional relationships to develop new business opportunities.
  • Built and maintained media and coalition lists.
  • Coordinated news releases, media responses, press packets and placement of stories in national trade publications.
  • Drafted engaging, accurate and effective press releases.
  • Oversaw and adhered to the communications department budget.


  • Developed and implemented EDC’s most media friendly and success roadshow ever.
  • Wrote and edited several published customer profiles for EDC publications.
  • Worked collaboratively with outside film agencies, hosting companies and multiple crews to capture, edit 300+ hours of video over 10 days.
  • Oversaw a team of 20 inter-departmental professionals to coordinate real-time breaking news, published to event website.
  • Developed the website brand, structure and communications process and strategy leading up to and throughout the international event.
  • Managed several external, third party organizations in the planning, development and hosting of multiple forms of content.
  • Developed successful, detailed and integrated marketing and brand strategy in line with the strategic vision of the organization.
  • Introduced a highly profitable referral program that increased revenue 13%, with minimal capital cost.
  • Worked alongside several high-ranking (DG, DM and ADM-level) governmental officials, as well as UN delegates, to navigate all communications hurdles.
  • Managed media, marketing and public relations on 10 construction projects with $900 thousand budgets.
  • Managed the communications department that won the 2018 Best Communication Specialist Award.
  • Increased global eCommerce sales by 33% in one year.
  • Increased net revenue by 21% by spearheading and leading a comprehensive marketing campaign.


  • Communication Skills
  • Excellent Media Contacts
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Brand Management
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Quantitative Market Research
  • Analytical Thinker
  • Web Content
  • Strategic Thinker
  • Case Studies
  • Budget Development
  • Social Media Expert
  • Direct Marketing Campaigns
  • Special Events Planning
  • Sales Strategies
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Digital Marketing
  • Strong Time Management
  • Publishing Expertise
  • Natural Leader
  • Social Media Engagement


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