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Digital Marketing Manager


Data-driven Digital Marketing Specialist with 5+ years of experience specializing in inbound marketing. Drives traffic and boosts audience engagement with dynamic marketing strategies and campaigns. Working with cross-functional teams to achieve marketing and brand development goals. Quick to learn and implement new technologies into online marketing strategies. Successful in creating on-brand marketing content for existing and new social media platforms. Accomplished in evaluating analytics and marketing campaign results to adjust strategies and achieve goals. Proficient in social media monitoring and management tools.


Digital Marketing Manager with proven success in driving innovation and early adoption of emerging technologies and platforms. Expert in managing relationships with high-profile clients and translating marketing and social media needs into results-driven strategies. 9 years of experience in social media marketing to growing organization. Successful in expanding online presence through personalized interactions with followers. Proficient in managing reporting tools and analytics dashboards.


Experienced marketing management professional who consistently delivers high-quality and results-focused marketing content. In-depth knowledge of social media marketing with expertise in identifying emerging market trends. Driven marketing executive with 10 years’ experience with 20 firms. Offers an extensive background in all aspects of marketing and marketing management, easily moving from vision and strategy to hands-on implementation. Areas of expertise include content development and brand management. Effective at delivering high-quality content for digital, traditional and social marketing. High achiever who produces results individually, as well as part of a results-focused team.


Determined Senior Digital Media Specialist with 15+ years of experience introducing innovative techniques to strengthen brand loyalty, boost revenue and connect with audiences. Comprehensive background in lead generation, tactical and strategic planning and e-mail marketing. Successfully drives growth in company through innovative and cutting-edge marketing campaigns. Versed in driving positioning, pricing and go-to-market strategies. In-depth knowledge of market needs. Talented at creating and executing acquisition and adoption initiatives. Highly effective in project and personnel management and market trend identification. Adept in using Java Script and have a good understanding of UX processes. solid grasp of web analytics and strong understanding of online marketing concepts, procedures, strategies and practices.


8 years’ experience as a Marketing Manager for various entities, a member of the Marketing Association (MA) and a career punctuated with quantitative results that have consistently met or exceeded targets. Over the years I have continued to expand my skill set, evolving from traditional marketing to receiving certification in SEO, Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.


  • Directed and coordinated marketing activities and policies to promote products and services.
  • Reviewed the financial aspects of product development, such as budgets, expenditures and research and development appropriations.
  • Developed pricing strategies while balancing firm objectives with customer satisfaction maximization.
  • Initiated market research studies and analyzed findings.
  • Applied sales forecasting techniques and strategic planning to verify sales and profitability of products, lines and services.
  • Analyzed business developments and monitored market trends.
  • Coordinated with team members and ensured successful online and offline marketing campaigns.
  • Maintained all competitor activities and key developments in industry.
  • Collaborated with external team members for website development and SEO.
  • Monitored external agencies involved in email online campaigns and branding activities.
  • Evaluated all online marketing initiatives and ensured compliance to all optimal quality standards.
  • Performed research and maintained all digital developments for channel managers.
  • Consulted with buying personnel to determine projected demand for products and services.
  • Completed quarterly forecasting and monthly financial reviews.
  • Worked with the communications team to drive internal promotion of company programs, initiatives, guiding principles and mission.
  • Coordinated and participated in promotional activities and trade shows.
  • Analyzed third-party data and investigated new growth opportunities.
  • Collaborated with developers, advertisers and production managers to market products and services.


  • Directed the hiring, training and performance evaluations for marketing and sales staff and supervised their daily activities.
  • Coordinated art and graphics creation for effective merchandising.
  • Identified value propositions and key messages for all of the company’s marketing campaigns.
  • Preserved brand integrity by monitoring the consistency and quality of marketing content.
  • Created high-quality marketing strategy documentation, including product marketing briefs, FAQs and objection handling documents.
  • Developed and implemented social strategies in coordination with all stakeholders.
  • Monitored digital marketing initiatives and ensured compliance to budget and performed quarterly forecasts on plans.
  • Negotiated with external suppliers of digital marketing and drafted contacts.
  • Managed various digital marketing campaigns such as web marketing, email campaigns and online advertising on both web and mobile platforms.
  • Developed and managed social media strategies in coordination with team members.
  • Cultivated effective partnerships with engineering, marketing, sales and customer support staff.
  • Communicated marketing teams' plans and accomplishments to verify alignment with senior management objectives.
  • Traveled nationally and internationally to meet with customers and deliver clear company messages.
  • Analyzed usage patterns to understand ways in which customers used company products and services.
  • Directed product development using in-depth knowledge of vendor landscape and industry insight.
  • Developed and implemented campaigns for email, online advertising, search engines and direct mail.
  • Defined and tracked campaign effectiveness and adjusted strategies accordingly.


  • Forge relationships with potential clients in order to integrate partner products.
  • Lead the execution of brand digital campaigns, strategies and advertising programs.
  • Create and implement paid search display and remarketing campaigns for customers.
  • Work with marketing team to plan and deploy digital media projects.
  • Hire and manage digital marketing and online support teams.
  • Optimize campaigns to improve conversions, cost per impressions and cost per click.
  • Coordinate with creative team on the development of text and images ads.
  • Provide strategy and budget recommendations for digital channels based on campaign objectives.
  • Maintain compliance with online industry advertising guidelines and best practices.
  • Ensure that digital campaigns meet budgets and ROI goals.
  • Monitor project and campaign budgets while reporting providing progress reports to executive board.


  • Increased the company’s sales by 65% through implementation of a dedicated marketing plan to bring in more business.
  • Decreased customer dissatisfaction by conducting a survey to determine causes of low sales and implementing counter measures.
  • Developed and implemented a 4-year marketing plan which successfully met all marketing and sales objectives by 100%.
  • Served as primary copywriter on advertising campaigns for large accounts and new product launches.
  • Generated campaign response-rates of between 6% and 8% (up to 4 times the industry average).
  • Successfully organized a huge marketing fair, which resulted in increasing the company’s clientele by a staggering 58%.
  • Single-handedly created and deployed a complex customer segmentation and cohort-specific targeting strategy, a feat that the last 2 marketing managers were unable to perform.
  • Introduced campaign creation, analysis and optimization of direct marketing campaigns, including Facebook, Bing and Yahoo platforms.
  • Attained all marketing targets by a 100% between the years of 2011 and 2013.
  • Exceeded expectations by developing and implementing marketing strategies that brought “dead” product back to life, increasing the company’s revenue by 26%.
  • Built a series of compelling speeches, videos, presentations and emails as part of communications, effectively streamlining departmental work at all levels of marketing and communications.
  • Expanded client base by 45% in two years by consistently delivering goal-surpassing marketing results and ensuring client satisfaction.
  • Earned commendations from client executives for communication deliverable that targeted desired audiences and articulated the value of products and services.


  • Business Case Development
  • Leadership Content Development
  • Industry Analyst Relations
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Social Commerce
  • New Product Launch
  • Focus Group & Market Research
  • Development of Training Materials
  • Public & Media Relations
  • Vendor Management
  • Web & Print Content Development
  • Product Positioning & Branding
  • Creative Team Leadership
  • Corporate Communications
  • Marketing Strategies & Campaigns
  • Market Research


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