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A hard working, articulate and well-organized individual who is flexible and able to adapt to challenges when they arise while remaining aware of professional roles and boundaries. Possessing a proven ability to devise treatment programmers that increase a client’s ability to carry out activities or occupations independently, and with more confidence. Having experience of managing multiple caseloads prioritizing needs, and completing required administrative tasks.


A highly motivated, confident individual with exceptional multi-tasking and organizational skills. Able to communicate effectively and sensitively with patients and careers to maximize the rehabilitation of patients and to ensure understanding of often complex clinical issues impacting on recovery. Excellent client facing skills and the ability to work closely with other health care professionals to assess a patients' needs and devise suitable treatment plans for them.


An enthusiastic, articulate and well-presented medical sales representative who has a successful sales track record in healthcare or pharmaceuticals. Highly efficient and currently working as part of a successful team proactively selling, promoting medical equipment and generating new and repeat consumable and contracts business in order to achieve sales targets. Can communicate effectively with key decision makers and would be an asset to any employer who respects loyalty and responsibility.


Working as part of a team & involved in providing a very high standard of specialist Dietetic services in the community to patients & careers. Helping to translate the Science of nutrition into everyday understandable information about food.


  • Supervising the preparation and serving of meals.
  • Helping clients to make informed & practical choices about their food & health.
  • Advising healthcare professionals, catering staff & nurses on nutritional matters.
  • Assessing, treating and evaluating patients referred to the Dietetic Service.
  • Ensuring that each patient has an individually tailored care plan to meet their needs.
  • Involved in the dietary treatment of disease and health conditions.
  • Liaising with nursing & catering staff to provide special therapeutic diets and feeds.
  • Undertaking comprehensive assessment of a patients’ nutritional condition.
  • Writing reports and discharge summaries about patients for GPs.
  • Instructing patients and careers clearly on what to eat and when.
  • Involved in the formulation of departmental policies, standards and procedures.
  • Contacting patients on an outpatient basis to ensure compliance of diet.
  • Managing the weight of overweight patients.
  • Collecting patient data for surveys, analyzing it and producing reports.


  • Providing a high standard of physiotherapy service to patients.
  • Organizing & prioritising own workload & delegating responsibilities accordingly.
  • Ensuring that equipment used in carrying out physiotherapy duties is safe.
  • Involved in ward rounds, meetings and case conferences.
  • Supervising and teaching recently qualified physiotherapist assistants.
  • Evaluating, planning and delivering care plans in response to complex needs.
  • Based in various clinical settings i.e. neuro-rehab, community, wheelchairs.
  • Reporting all complaints/incidents to senior managers & documenting them.
  • Implementing relevant standards and policies.
  • Involved in a patients pre-admission and follow-up care.
  • Prioritising urgent referrals and emergency cases.
  • Working with respiratory, orthopaedic, acute neurological and multi-pathology patients.


  • Greeted all patients in a friendly and positive manner.
  • Assisted at least two doctors per day throughout the medical office.
  • Performed Phlebotomy for lab testing, as well as obtaining EKGs, and vital signs on patients.
  • Used E-Clinical Software to update and enter patients’ information into their medical record.
  • Assisted in answering phone calls and scheduling appointments.
  • Cleaned and stocked supplies in all rooms.
  • Maintained all incoming and outgoing log books.
  • Checked and charged all insurance and billing transactions.
  • Assisted patients to examining rooms and obtained medical histories.
  • Maintained a positive and professional attitude at all times.
  • Performed lab work, EKGs, and took vital signs such as blood pressure, temperature, height and weight.
  • Completed patients’ medical records and entered into their file.
  • Performed front office duties such as answering phones and scheduling appointments.
  • Stocked and maintained supplies and cleanliness of rooms.
  • Assisted doctors with any procedures as needed.
  • Explained any medications or diet restrictions to patients.


  • Improved the efficiency of the patient registration system by suggesting and assisting with the implementation of online registration services.
  • Received “Gold Medal” in health care group in 2017 & 2018.
  • Attended many seminars as chief guest.
  • Secretary of IOS from 2 years.
  • Redesigned an extra room within the facility into a dedicated children’s medical examination room, making it easy for parents of young patients to convince their children to sit quietly during examinations and procedures.
  • Got highest grade in class on psychiatry rotation 3rd year.
  • Awarded for Best Scientific Presentation in 2018.
  • Increased the efficiency of the front desk by 50% by suggesting hiring of interns to assist with intake duties.
  • Reduced wait time by 10 minutes on average through implementation of a highly effective appointment scheduling.
  • Integrated an extremely beneficial dental care system into present dental procedures thereby engendering increased patient base.
  • Trained a group of newly hired dental assistants for deployment in different branches of the practice.
  • Implemented a scheduling system that dynamically sent follow-up texts and emails to patients, 24 hours before their appointments, thereby reducing telephone follow-up costs by 82%.


  • Pharmaceutical Sales
  • Neurological disorders
  • Nutrition Screening
  • Medical Liaison
  • Medication Management
  • Patient Care
  • Teamwork
  • Stroke Training and Awareness
  • Organizational Skills

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