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Environmental Specialist


Experienced individual with a degree in Environmental Science and in-depth knowledge of environment concerns, measures, and protection methods. Enthusiastic Scientist with enormous experience in the conduct of research to identify and abate or eliminate sources of pollutants that affect people, wildlife, and their environments. Expertise in analyzing and reporting measurements and observations of air, water, soil, and other sources and making recommendations on how best to clean and preserve the environment, understanding of the issues involved in protecting the environment - degradation, conservation, recycling, and replenishment.


Qualified, reliable and adaptable Environmental Consultant with a broad knowledge of delivering environmental projects in biological experiments, environmental management systems, sustainability, harmful emission, waste and other environmental matters. Exceptional oral and written skills, along with the ability to collect and interpret data using specialist computer software’s.


Environmental officer passionate about caring for the environment and ensuring the company they work for is fully compliant with current environmental legislation in relation to emissions, pollution, carbon footprint and waste management. Considerable experience of formulating environmental policies, procedures, good practices and impact assessments, implementing these followed by monitoring and reviewing. Auditing capabilities and can relate to people on all levels, including senior managers, other staff, external contractors and external environment professionals. Considerable experience of carrying out staff training and presenting reports to senior management at meetings.


Environmental Specialist with nearly 6 years of experience developing and monitoring accident prevention programs policies and procedures to ensure continuous safe working conditions. Good technical and project management skills with the ability to successfully manage multiple projects and daily responsibilities. Self-motivated with the kill to develop and foster creative and innovative solutions.


  • Conduct literature searches using libraries and on-line sources to identify, locate and evaluate published materials.
  • Increase senior staff's effectiveness by reviewing publications and other information resources for material relevant to program activities and objectives.
  • Develop, maintain, and analyze databases.
  • Assist senior staff to prepare information to respond to inquiries from agencies, environmental groups, the press, and others.
  • Cultivate relationships with information sources at public agencies, environmental groups, and industry organizations.
  • Coordinate with senior, administrative and development staff on advocacy efforts.
  • Research and help write and review technical reports.
  • Produce spreadsheets, charts and graphs for reports, testimony, and presentations.
  • Attend and report on public meetings and workshops.
  • Apply excellent organizational, communication, and planning skills in preparing correspondence and reports, responding to requests for information, and helping to coordinate activities among staff members.
  • Manage the use of the Action Network, including assistance in preparing written material and overseeing the implementation and follow-up.
  • Assist the media and communications staff to promote project work with reporters and influence leaders, and through a variety of outlets such as the Insider, newsletter, annual report and website.
  • Work with internet communications staff to maintain up-to-date information on websites.
  • Help build public support for sustainable fisheries and protection of coastal resources by contributing to Earth Day events and other activities to engage potential partners and activists.
  • Assist in the development and production of project materials such as videos, case studies, briefing books, brochures, reports, testimony, speeches, power point and other visual presentations, including assistance in design, writing, editing, and reproduction.
  • Responsible for 26 hazardous waste sites and 50 plus hazardous material sites.
  • Coordinated and chaired quarterly Hazardous Material Management Process meetings.
  • Developed and implemented Hazardous Waste Training Program.
  • Reviewed and Updated Hazardous Waste & Hazardous Material Base policies.
  • Implemented new database (EESOH-MISS) for tracking hazardous waste
  • Trained personal on EESOH-MISS capabilities and effectiveness.


  • Participated in soil and ground water sampling programs, construction and other field quality control.
  • Developed and wrote statements of work, work plans, and reports.
  • Prepared cost estimates, performed technical tasks and assisted with the execution of field programs under the supervision of a project manager.
  • Screened proposed projects for potential impacts on rare animals, rare plants, and significant ecological communities.
  • Assisted requestors in interpreting and applying responses.
  • Developed tools and procedures to support the environmental review activities of the Alpes' Program.
  • Prepared GIS data for distribution to partners, and worked as part of project teams in mapping and processing database records, and in the creation of maps, database reports and other products for inventory projects and contracts.
  • Supervised multi-disciplinary team to complete various tasks in field. Duties included survey of longitudinal profile and cross-sections, sediment analysis, vegetation identification and assessment, ground and surface water monitoring, data analysis and reporting.
  • Actively worked to improve and maintain client/firm relations.
  • Involved in strategic planning meetings to develop mitigation banking instruments.
  • Issued and managed three Administrative Orders that resulted in corrective actions that eliminated at least 300 cubic yards of petroleum contaminated soil and the injection of contaminants into underground sources of drinking water.
  • Prepared and managed two compliance plans to aid tribally owned facilities reach compliance with Federal regulations.
  • Co-managed an Environmental Assessment (EA), served as a Human Health and Safety and Biological sections resource writer.
  • Assisted with the review of documents for the overall management of a $500,000 effort to create and maintain the Administrative Record for a 10 volume Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).
  • Reviewed and edited a Biological Assessment (BA) to ensure it adequately addressed natural resource issues.
  • Prepared state regulatory permits in compliance with the Clean Water Act (CWA).
  • Assisted with client marketing/development, proposal preparation, technical presentations, and other proposal preparation activities.


  • Prepared and oversaw the shipment of all samples via FedEx and the Courier service provided by the lab according to the proper shipping standards.
  • Performed groundwater and soil sampling that were analyzed for multitude parameters, hand augured ground for surface-soil samples.
  • Completed field-sampling events such as boring logs, site plans and data tables.
  • Participated in subsurface and remedial investigations via soil borings, monitor well installations.
  • Streamlined glassware preparation reducing turnover time and increasing field availability by 20%.
  • Prepared job packs; mobilized/demobilized air monitoring equipment to/from job sites, with increased personal efficiency of 50%.
  • Trained new employees in TRC Air Measurement's laboratory and field procedures after departure of two seasoned employees.
  • Calibrated, maintained, and supplied new parts for all TRC Lowell Method 5 meterboxes, including adjustment of y-values on meter's Dry Gas Meter, resulting in greater data validity for Project Managers and more viable end product for TRC clients.
  • Ensured and updated all equipment calibrations performed by outside vendors.
  • Increased availability by 20% of standard method 5 probes, probe liners, thermocouples and pitots through parts labeling, in-house leak checking, calibration and parts replacement.
  • Continuously updated laboratory supplies and reagents resulting in 10% improvement efficiency.
  • Managed costing, purchasing and installing parts for TRC Air Measurement's Millipore Deionized Water system, resulting in a 20% overall product improvement.
  • Maintained all equipment and laboratory areas for field readiness on continuous basis.
  • Promoted to assistant project manager after three years of experience due to proven track record and focused work ethic to meet client demands in a timely fashion.
  • Supervised and managed environmental field work investigations, remediation activities, and associated project deliverables for clients within contracted budget.
  • Familiar with BST accounting software for managing budgets for projects.
  • Attended local and regional conferences to identify new potential clients and foster new leads for the company.
  • Reported on damages incurred during training to the forest which included interrupting wetlands or animal habitats.
  • Prepared comprehensive reports detailing each aspect of damage.
  • Examined stream crossings to ensure the structure is adequate for the load or usage.
  • Checked and observed the stream for silt deposits and new or unknown vegetation or species to see if this may be a potential impact.
  • Inspected Sediment Basins to make certain they are functioning properly and still catching soil movement from upslope.
  • Worked on erosion control projects throughout the training area
  • Increased report production while serving as task manager for re-issuing draft final and final reports submitted to clients and regulatory agencies. Drafted and edited reports and assisted with report production.
  • Conducted field surveys to gather data for use in ecological (vegetation and wildlife) site characterizations.
  • Trained new personnel; reviewed, delegated and controlled quality for risk assessment tasks completed.
  • Collaborated with a team to innovate and implement a risk assessment website used by internal personnel to calculate risks and hazards from remote locations.


  • 1st class degree in Environmental Science from the Brown University.
  • Qualified to conduct a Health Impact Assessment.
  • Negotiated a costs savings plan with merchants that cut office expensive by $50,000 annually.
  • Grew working capital by 15% in 7 months, allowing the company to take advantage of better resources for continued growth.
  • Received 2 promotions, from co-management to director-level, in less than 5 years.
  • Exceeded partner development sign-on goals by 8% in Q1 2018.
  • Trained new employees resulting in increased client satisfaction.
  • Negotiated new terms with office equipment supplier, resulting in an annual saving of $ 8,000.


  • Risk Management
  • Environmental Assessment
  • Air Quality Management
  • Safety Engineer
  • Project Management
  • Purchasing Activities
  • Occupational Health
  • Proficiency in ISO18001 & 14001
  • Team Leadership

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