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Financial Analyst


Financial Analyst with more than 6 years of increasingly responsible employment with several large corporations. Diversified, progressive experience in the analysis of financial / economic data supporting enterprise decision making including marketing and investments, financial planning, forecasting, and modelling, company valuation, credit underwriting, and portfolio management.


Professional and highly trained Financial Analyst with more than 4 years of experience preparing budgets and working with operations executives to manage spending, prepare ROI related to capital purchase, work with CFO and other management on ad-hoc projects related to IPC business goals, prepare bi-weekly Check book, HC details, and material reports.


An analytically minded Financial Analyst with 2 years of experience who will integrate and track OPEX and CAPEX related to projects and review and prepare budget and forecast to ensure all expenditure lines are satisfactorily supported and justified. This includes presenting monthly management, spend variance, and headcount reports with analysis.


Ambitious finance professional with strong track-record of delivering top performance. Possess large spectrum of experience in financial markets, corporate finance, and treasury finance. Successfully wrote all three CFA (Level I, II, and III) exams. Can undertake difficult mandates and meet tight deadlines. Personal qualities include: rigorous, positive, good problem-solver, autonomous, persistent, adaptable, and driven.


  • Created an optimal staffing model for stores resulting in annual payroll work hours savings of 20%.
  • Streamlined the corporate planning process, creating a centralized planning platform that reduced budget preparation time by two weeks despite the budget doubling in size over a two-year period.
  • Conducted cost benefit analysis to outsource the store’s in-house packaging facility resulting in a $400,000 savings.
  • Produce annual budgets exceeding $2 million and forecast models on a departmental, business segment and consolidated basis working with functional department heads and senior management.
  • Analyze and interpret monthly variances and trends between budgets, actual and prior results in developing projections and forecast.
  • Track and review gross and net sales including gross margins in producing forecasts and trend analysis on an on-going basis.
  • Provide financial support and analysis to Operations and Marketing areas for strategic business decisions and cost savings initiatives.
  • Performed comprehensive evaluations of various financial information to be able to foresee significant industry trends and predict the risks of certain financial transactions.
  • Checked and reviewed tons of complicated financial information to evaluate the company’s numerous and hefty business accounts and dealings.
  • Prepared heaps of financial documents and reports and presented the findings in them to the establishment’s top-ranking executives.
  • Devised and implemented scores of innovative and highly effective procedures which raised the company’s overall efficiency by about 20%.


  • Created an innovative client tailored narrative financial summary report generating a 25% increase in orders
  • Developed financial and valuation models to evaluate corporate and industry operating performance and efficiency.
  • Provide robust modeling and reporting to facilitate executive-level decision making.
  • Strong analytical skills; support operations through analysis of key performance indicators and trends.
  • Consensus-driven communicator; liaise across various business units and promote organizational success.
  • Rapidly adapt to new technologies and possess expertise with MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and broad range of statistical software.
  • Conducted intense and comprehensive analyses of the company’s financial standing and the numerous conditions surrounding its financial status and health.
  • Performed in-depth evaluations of the company’s multitudes of investments spread through different industries and sectors.
  • Executed and conducted yearly assessments of the company funds and presented the findings to the company’s top executives.
  • Assessed scores of business proposals for their feasibility, soundness, and compliance with the laws and regulations of the state.
  • Devised a sound marketing strategy that was responsible for the expansion of the company’s branding as well as the significant increase in the sale of its various products.
  • Formed strong ties with colleagues and clients to further expand the reach of company contacts and enlarge its referral network across the globe.
  • Partnered with Supply Chain Management to streamline processes and reduced material cost by 5%.
  • Assess Risk and Opportunities for functional organizations and Program Management on multiple programs in order to help maximize company margins/profits.
  • Partnered with cross functional departments in order to reduced open purchase orders by 55% which resulted in a cost savings of $3.2M.
  • Spearheaded & streamlined headcount actuals for 6 separate programs creating an overall savings of 2% due to an effective forecasting model that evaluated actuals versus monthly budgeted forecast.


  • Part of four-member team responsible for managing more than $500,000 in Large Cap Core assets.
  • Lead equity analyst covering technology, basic materials and transportation sectors; lead economic analyst covering monetary policy.
  • Aided business development staff in the acquisition of new clients, both HNW and institutional.
  • Prepared quarterly reports on sectors and companies; wrote client newsletter articles.
  • Skilled presenter for executive briefings with ability to give top line information and also dive deeply into complex investment strategies as the situation requires.
  • Responsible for developing innovative tools and systems which can be used to improve the way the company records, measures, and analyzes all financial and operational data.
  • Improve on the establishment’s current financial systems and models.
  • Responsible for evaluating company’s financial processes and recommending the best ways to improve them further.
  • Collaborate closely with the CEO and other high-ranking officials in the analysis of the corporation’s financial status and other such important issues affecting the entire company.
  • Conduct an in-depth analysis of the company’s market share as well as critical information surrounding the industry.
  • Perform a comprehensive analysis of the effects of financial issues like company debt and other financial structures.
  • Responsible for the preparation of various financial reports and present them to the company executives involved.


  • Monitored and analyzed department work to develop especially efficient procedures and used external resources to reach a high level of accuracy.
  • Delivered process and control improvements and successfully implemented an ERP system across a broad range of industry sectors.
  • Accurately reviewed and resolved exception reports as well as researched, analyzed and resolved invoice payments’ transaction related matters.
  • Received a pay rise instantly after getting GAAP standards certification.
  • Initiated feedback, strategic recommendations and financial review to ensure high level of understanding between firm managers.
  • Developed and implemented new procedures, financial data bases, analysis of revenues/expenses and other features to enhance the work-flow of the accounting department.
  • Established financial goals for each year; monitored and advised regarding progress.
  • With strong and persuasive interpersonal and communication skills, always succeeded in explaining and making people without financial expertise understand any/all company/state/federal financial policies and procedures.
  • Awarded the ‘best employee of the Accounts Department’ twice in one single year considering excellent analytical, judgmental, quick decision making and great problem-solving skills.
  • Appreciated at work for proficiency in using PeopleSoft and the company’s comparative finance information system.
  • Proved to be one of the top employees who submitted every due report before time.
  • Accurately reviewed and resolved exception reports as well as researched, analyzed and resolved invoice payments’ transaction-related matters.
  • Never failed in preparing Profit & Loss Statements and Statement of financial position for every provision partner as well as the parent company.
  • Acted as the most trusted and skilled point of contact for all internal cash management inquiries.
  • Received a pay rise instantly after getting GAAP standards certification.
  • Acted as a team lead for several minor accounting projects and brought accurate results strictly adhering to the deadlines for which I was always praised.
  • Became the most trusted advisor of the Finance manager while working at company DAB.
  • Received the “Rising Star” award on the employee’s day, six months after joining its finance department based on excellent performance.


  • Investor Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Cash Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Sales Trading and Leadership
  • Quantitative Modeling
  • Financial Analysis / Reporting
  • Cost Control and Reduction
  • Financial and strategic planning.
  • P&L management.
  • Auditing and compliance.
  • Accounting standards.
  • Operating and working capital.
  • Budget development and management.
  • Merger and acquisition negotiations.
  • Cash-flow management and modeling.
  • Business valuations.

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