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Human Resource Manager


Experienced Human Resources Associate who is proficient in benefits distribution as well as government compliance needs. Adept in maintaining accurate compliance files collecting important data from personnel and acting as liaison between personnel and human resources group. Specializes in large personnel populations and growing companies. Able to build rapport at all levels and resolve issues in a timely manner. Successful at streamlining costs and maximizing company profile in the job market. Proactive in meeting company issues head-on with a creative and innovative approach. Knowledgeable about changing industry and employment market demands.


Organized and empathetic HR Manager with 3+ years of experience overseeing human resources duties including benefits management, on boarding and exit interviews. Increases employee satisfaction by advocating for expressed needs. Equipped with the analytical skills necessary to process a continuous influx of benefits applications and legal compliance forms. Dedicated to developing unique employee orientation and training programs that will generate a loyal and knowledgeable staff. Highly efficient in time-critical situations.


Extensive background in HR generalist affairs, including experience in employee recruitment and retention, staff development, mediation, conflict resolution, benefits and compensation, HR records management, HR policies development and legal compliance. Strong grasp of employment laws, compliance issues and benefits plans. Successfully introduces process improvements and staff-development initiatives to drive corporate goal attainment. Adept at managing long and detailed task lists on a daily basis. Conducts interviews and performs all recruiting functions in a professional manner. Highly effective at adapting to evolving market plans and the needs associated with company expansion. Managing a wide range of employee relations issues. Expertise in problem solving and mediation.


Results-oriented Human Resources Executive with broad experience in all areas of HR, including policy development, performance management and benefits administration. Excellent analytical skills and experience with benefits and payroll administration. Recruiter who sources highly sought-after technology candidates ranging from entry-level to executives. Comprehensive background in employee relations, recruiting, compensation and benefits. Assures ongoing compliance with federal and state laws. Strategic planner with strong communication skills and attention to detail. Creating business partnerships and building trust with managers and employees to create a positive work environment.


  • Directed job fairs to bring in local talent for long term and seasonal positions.
  • Collaborated with department managers to assess needs.
  • Monitored and handled all employee claims, including performance-based and harassment incidents.
  • Structured compensation and benefits according to market conditions and budget demands.
  • Developed succession plans and promotion paths for all staff.
  • Maintained company compliance with all local, state and federal laws, in addition to establishing organizational standards.
  • Devised hiring and recruitment policies for [Number]-employee company.
  • Followed programs closely to assess effectiveness and make proactive changes to meet changing demands.
  • Conducted company-wide town hall meetings to convey updates.
  • Implemented training programs for new and existing employees.
  • Educated and advised employees on group health plans, voluntary benefits and 401(k) retirement plans.
  • Developed company personnel policies, standard operating procedures and employee handbooks.
  • Developed and facilitated all new-hire orientations.
  • Manage HR departments (payroll, benefits & recruiting) for 50+ employee company.
  • Approve leaves of absence, tuition reimbursement and workers’ compensation requests.
  • Regularly update employee handbook with changes to background check requirements, onboarding and benefit packages.
  • Implemented new benefits program to increase healthcare coverage, resulting in 15% spike in employee satisfaction.


  • Conducted employment verification and investigations.
  • Built a comprehensive employee recruiting strategy.
  • Developed and enforced company policy and procedures relating to all phases of human resources activity.
  • Facilitated the criminal background check process for new hires.
  • Managed all aspects of leave administration, including employee notifications and vendor management, disability programs and health benefits.
  • Established and monitored employee pay scales.
  • Implemented improved training on workplace safety and applicant referral process.
  • Performed background checks on all applicants before extending offers.
  • Conducted company-wide diversity and inclusion surveys to identify gaps.
  • Offered fair and equitable compensation by comparing current salaries with market pay.
  • Managed the employee rewards programs.
  • Implemented the company's first sourcing tracking system.
  • Conducted job analysis and job evaluations, resulting in quality job specifications.
  • Audited workplace, employee and management policies and procedures.
  • Conducted salary survey research for both exempt and non-exempt positions.
  • Developed innovative new-employee orientation programs, including safety training.
  • Acted as liaison between employees and insurance carriers to resolve problems and clarify benefits.
  • Promoted to Senior HR Manager within 11 months.
  • Shadowed employees to determine an accurate description of the duties and skills required for each position.
  • Processed unemployment claims and acted as the company representative at unemployment hearings.


  • Trained 25-member management team on interviewing techniques and best practices, conducting workshops and coaching sessions that contributed to sound hiring decisions.
  • Co-developed company’s first standardized disciplinary procedures and tracking system that insulated company from legal risk and ensured consistent and fair discipline processes.
  • Devised creative and cost-effective incentive and morale-boosting programs (including special events and a tiered awards structure) that increased employee satisfaction and productivity.
  • Reworked new-hire orientation program to include HR information and company resources.
  • Saved company thousands of dollars every month by reducing reliance on employment agencies. Brought the majority of formerly outsourced recruiting functions in-house to reduce billable hours from 200+ to less than 15 per month.
  • Chosen for team lead on 15 design projects in 2016, 30% more projects led than any other team members.
  • Received promotion, from HR Manager to HR Director, in less than 12-months.


  • Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Workforce Improvements
  • Recruitment Strategies
  • Compensation Structuring
  • Company Organization
  • Payroll Coordination
  • Equal Facilitation
  • Employee Orientations
  • Resource Management
  • HR Policies and Procedures
  • HR Department Setup
  • Team Building
  • In-depth Knowledge of HR Compliance
  • Training and Development
  • Business Mediation and Advocacy
  • Performance Management


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