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Internal Auditor


Consistent Auditor talented at establishing clear audit guidelines and defining the scope of each audit from the start. Fosters open communication with colleagues and clients. Highly effective at time management and interacting productively with colleagues and clients. Successful at clear and concise reporting. Remains highly involved in the tracking and testing of implemented solutions.


Internal Auditor bringing over 6 years of experience in audits, special investigations, policy reviews and research and analysis. Focused on identifying discrepancies and finding realistic solutions. Experience in due diligence auditing in a commercial banking environment. A comprehensive background in risk management, project supervision and quality assurance. Determined to leverage diverse functional experience in marketing, project management, sales and finance in a challenging marketing management role.


Professional bank internal auditor with strong experience reviewing and evaluation of an organizations financial standing and reputation. Meticulous with record keeping and tracking catching irregularities glitches or wrongdoing that does not comply with company local state and federal laws and policies.


  • Communicated audit results to upper management through written reports and oral presentations.
  • Gathered data for internal audits through interviews, financial research and downloads.
  • Reduced external audit fees by 2.3 % each year through careful management of resources.
  • Analyzed and reviewed cost reports and communicated final results to suppliers.
  • Articulated audit findings, risks and detailed recommendations to upper management.
  • Ensured compliance of regulations controls and procedures in self-audits
  • Strategized coordinated and conducted on-site internal audits.
  • Managed follow-up on audit results and implemented necessary resolutions.
  • Participated in trade and professional organizations to stay on top of banking and auditing industries.
  • Worked closely with external auditors and state and federal examiners.
  • Designed and implemented programs that evaluated and safeguarded assets and controlled risk.
  • Reviewed, approved, and finalized audit work papers completed by audit staff and consultants. Ensured audit work papers complied with professional standards.
  • Prepared audit reports for Management and Audit Committee.
  • Recruited and supervised internal audit staff, summer interns, and consultants.


  • Supported management through risk identification, control testing and process improvement procedures.
  • Supervised and coordinated projects for external auditors and examiner evaluations.
  • Reported internal control issues to management and supplied comprehensive recommendations to mitigate the associated risks.
  • Met with clients to identify and assess business controls, risks, process gaps and work flow inefficiencies.
  • Monitored and maintained all bank audit functions.
  • Responsible for all auditor reports and evaluation of findings.
  • Worked closely with external auditors and state and federal examiners.
  • Designed and implemented programs that evaluated and safeguarded assets and controlled risk.
  • Participated in weekly internal bank committee meetings.
  • Assisted in reducing audit timeframes by 50%.
  • Determined the scope of process audits based on current state of the auditee.
  • Reviewed process audits and SOX validation testing performed by the staff, prior to providing the reports to the VP of Internal Audit.
  • Analyzed and updated the current schedule for the department, including process and IT audits.
  • Assisted with Audit Committee presentation preparation.


  • Promoted to Internal Auditor after 9 months of employment.
  • Won an Association of Local Government Auditors award for consistently providing innovative and high-impact audit reports.
  • Increased compliance rates from 0.5% to 0.65 % by initiating a strategic plan for contract audit procedures.
  • Reduced billing errors by 8% and process time by 15% for clients by improving management of bill audit and payment services procedures.
  • Improved communication processes between client, advertising firm and their international offices by developing standardization for communication and reporting. Decreased time to write audit reports by 10%, thus keeping the client with our firm.


  • Certified Internal Auditor (Cia)
  • QuickBooks
  • Audit Reporting
  • Internal and External Auditing
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
  • Risk and Information Systems Control
  • Performance Audits
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (Cisa)
  • Institute of Internal Auditors (Iia)
  • Communicative
  • Requires Minimal Supervision

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