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Logistics Specialist


Highly reliable and focused Logistics Specialist with strong record of exemplary customer service. Able to work independently with little to no supervision or as a team member. Adept at maintaining and updating multiple high-volume data resources in both paper and electronic forms. To serve the organization by handling the responsibilities of a Logistics Specialist and take care of the entire life-cycle of logistic from acquisition to distribution.


Highly motivated Logistics Specialist experienced in SAP and TMS platforms. Background includes work with private fleet shippers and carriers. Versatile Transportation and Logistics Analyst experienced in both transportation and warehousing logistics. Extensive knowledge of customs regulations and tariff schedules, as well as advanced knowledge of software's. Trained facilitator with outstanding interpersonal and negotiation skills. Skilled at negotiating and implementing cost saving measures without compromising quality. Adapts quickly to the changing needs of fast-paced and growing organizations. Offering exceptional analytical, problem-solving and interpersonal skills.


  • Determined the most cost-effective procedures and routes for shipments.
  • Translated business needs and priorities into actionable logistics strategies.
  • Gathered, logged and monitored all shipping data.
  • Minimized damage and repair costs through careful management and preventative maintenance.
  • Took corrective action in the case of accidents and delays to minimize extra expenses.
  • Managed shipment schedules to maximize productivity and cut costs.
  • Monitored the workshop work flow for [Number] employees.
  • Reviewed and analyzed data from companies in non-competing industries to amass strategic insight.
  • Presented carrier-performance metrics and monthly costs reports to executive team.
  • Assigned shipments to carriers in the centralized database.
  • Supervised the work of 30 transportation personnel.
  • Communicated with dispatchers, warehouses and customers regarding outgoing orders.


  • Prioritized order security, accuracy and on-time pickup and delivery.
  • Coached 50 other employees and assisted with quarterly performance reviews.
  • Created an annual budget and developed a comprehensive plan to accomplish company objectives while staying within budget.
  • Prepared documents for shipment claims submissions.
  • Updated the database with changes in carrier status.
  • E-mailed suppliers, carriers and customers with shipping updates.
  • Received all imported goods and checked product condition and count.
  • Cultivated a positive rapport with fellow employees to boost company morale and promote employee retention.
  • Oversaw return and exchange processes from customer to supplier.
  • Recommended investments in technology, capital, equipment systems and other assets to improve service quality.
  • Conducted research on logistics operations, including literature reviews, interviews and site visits.
  • Wrote reports and gave oral presentations to keep employees up-to-date on company goals and achievements.


  • Maintained a record rate of 80% on-time deliveries for 7 months in a row.
  • Improved cost per trailer by 25% per mile.
  • Increased backhauls profitability to more than $250 thousand per year.
  • Named “Employee of the Month” in June, 2018.
  • Saved cost annually by negotiating better rates with all transportation carriers.
  • Oversaw operations for an on-site distribution center processing approximately 40 shipments per day.
  • Maintained consistent and on-time delivery record with 85 % of all orders arriving on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Achieved [Number] % accuracy during annual audit of a [Number] stock-keeping unit warehouse facility in 2017.
  • Awarded “Superior Leadership” distinction by upper management in Jan, 2018.


  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Materials Accountability
  • Supply Chain & Resource Management
  • Process Improvement
  • Expense Control
  • Project Management
  • Materials Lifecycle Expertise
  • Proactive
  • Data Entry Expert


  • Member Institute of Logistics and Transport (MILT)
  • Certified Protection Officer (CPO)

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