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Nutrition & Fitness Adviser


Nutritionist offering background in dietetics and food management. Effective leader with excellent organizational, interpersonal communication and supervisory skills. Articulate Nutrition expert with background in developing and delivering presentations on diabetes, cardiac health and other chronic diseases. Exceptional communication skills. Nutritionist with 8 years conducting nutrition assessments and evaluating life style factors such as physical fitness, stress levels, medical diagnoses and medication usage. Well-rounded Nutritionist skilled at reviewing food journals, preparing nutrition recommendations and counseling clients.


Fitness Nutritionist with 6 years in nutrition management and counseling. Associated with the fitness industry as a Fitness Consultant where clients could be benefited with my advice in leading a healthy lifestyle. Working with two established organizations helping their clients achieve the required fitness and health, by making changes in their nutrition, and executing planned fitness workout procedures. Possess excellent communication skills along with expert knowledge in healthy nutrition and physical workout programs.


Dynamic Fitness Coach bringing 9 years experience as a professional Nutritionist. Providing additional services for those coping with eating disorders. Fitness Coach specializing in keeping high school and college athletes in top shape during off seasons. Employs a mix of weight training and vigorous cardiovascular routines to achieve results. Committed to teaching the core principles of anatomy and the mechanics of movement. Focused on using strong educational foundation to promote safety and success.


  • Planned, directed and monitored the clinical functions of the dietary department.
  • Conducted individualized nutritional assessments based on laboratory tests and data.
  • Documented clinical findings and correctly entered pertinent data for processing.
  • Educated patients about therapeutic nutrition, sanitation, food prep and presentation.
  • Assessed individual nutritional risk and status.
  • Educated clients about the long term health benefits of balanced diets and exercise programs.
  • Instructed clients in proper meal preparations and diet therapies.
  • Led educational presentations on topics of nutrition and wellness.
  • Monitored quality control procedures to guarantee the preparation and delivery of healthy menu choices.
  • Established and maintained thorough nutritional records and information.
  • Maintained automated systems for menu management and nutritional data.
  • Planned medical nutrition therapy for patients and residents.
  • Reviewed and interpreted pertinent laboratory data and implications of results.
  • Provided in-depth information on concurrent and alternative modes of nutritional care.


  • Referred patients to appropriate outpatient settings for additional diet education and support.
  • Interviewed clients to analyze dietary habits and overall health.
  • Led weekly nutrition classes for weight loss, cholesterol control and diabetes education.
  • Recruited an average of 15 new participants each month.
  • Explained exercise modifications and contraindicated movements to participants with a history of injury.
  • Consistently met daily class attendance goals.
  • Cultivated positive relationships with participants by interacting with them during group fitness classes.
  • Promoted fitness center programs such as the youth and adult swim team programs.
  • Explained the use of exercise equipment to all participants, prioritizing safety at all times.
  • Developed safe and effective exercise programs for all members.
  • Assessed individual progress and suggested appropriate changes.
  • Immediately reported any damaged or broken equipment.
  • Conducted 10 staff meetings and trainings each month.
  • Explained and demonstrated gym games and activities to party participants.
  • Explained class objectives and rules.


  • Developed a wellness research project related to vegetarian and vegan diets.
  • Promoted to Group Fitness Coordinator after successfully running 15 group fitness classes.
  • Successfully met all group fitness class attendance goals from 2012 to 2018.
  • Increased class attendance rates by 30% in 2 months.


  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Computer Proficiency
  • Effective Communication
  • Clinical Dietetics Professional
  • Strong Teaching Skills
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Group Exercise Instructor
  • Disease Prevention Expert
  • Diabetic Lifestyle Planning
  • Food Counseling
  • Knowledge of Health
  • Strength Coaching
  • Nutrition Expert
  • WIC Nutrition Assessments
  • Sports Enthusiast
  • Weight Management Consulting
  • PACE Instructor
  • Skilled Motivator


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