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Process Engineer


Highly proficient Process Engineer with over 3 years of experience working directly with designers and simulators and providing them with Weld and Datum Information as instructed. This includes the ability to assist designers and simulators in creating the structural components of products and gather the necessary data as needed.


Detail-driven Process Engineer with more than 6 years of experience in oil gas and technology companies. Six Sigma Black Belt and Lean Manufacturing certified professional with a track record driving yield and productivity improvement projects. Innovative problem solver and skilled communicator focused on effective relationship management.


Result-oriented and skilled professional with broad knowledge of industrial process in monitoring and maintenance of degrading machines, seeking a challenging role as a certified process engineer in a renowned organization.


  • Project development.
  • Safety inspections.
  • Project testing.
  • Make calculations drawing designs.
  • Creating and submitting tenders Cost reduction / productivity projects.
  • Monitor and improve processes.
  • Identify quality and productivity problems.
  • Developing solution to production problems and customer services as required.
  • Ensuring compliance with current legislation.
  • Risk assessment reports.
  • Collating statistics and compiling reports.
  • Keeping records of incidents and accidents.
  • Leading a cross-functional team to streamline the material movement process and increase wretch time- estimated $1M savings.
  • Led Six Sigma Greenbelt project to improve product quality by reducing out of guideline tonnage. Resulted in lowest out of guideline tonnage for sulfates in product since 2012 and 98% product quality for 2017.
  • Provided operational expertise on drought action committee led by VP of Operations and 12 senior managers. Project reduced site water consumption by 102MGal and prevented $135K plus expenditure on water.
  • Supervised and mentored a summer intern to develop hydrocyclone recovery curves and ideal operating parameters. Improved solids recovery from 40% to 60%.
  • Designed cascade controllers to stabilize water temperature in wash water tanks. Successfully reduced the risk of burns and injuries to operators.


  • Provided technical support for technology and equipment.
  • Supplied technical support to plant to improve production rate, first quality production, as well as reduce waste.
  • Understood processes in detail, implemented process and equipment modifications to obtain continuous improvement and ease of operations.
  • Implemented conduct experiments involving additives, modifiers to develop new products.
  • Initiated, led and executed projects from conceptual level through economic justification, design, development, as well as implementation.
  • Facilitated technical support in process calculations and equipment’s sizing, development of site, permits, training and outsourcing.
  • Increased capacity 30% and quality by 10% through process and equipment modifications.
  • Provided design modification on existing equipment to incorporate lean and ergonomics concepts, to improve productivity and reduced the risk of job-related injuries.
  • Reduced cycle time of process bottleneck by 20% through modification of a component, which was used to build End-mill tools.
  • Simplified new product development and manufacture by designing, developing and implementing product and tooling standardization.
  • Served as consultant to other engineers in High Temperature High Vacuum applications.


  • Responsible for updating knowledge about safe handling of materials for new and existing products.
  • Assisted manufacturing staff in evaluating, designing, and implementing modifications to improve equipment operations, reliability and safety.
  • Performed task of providing assistance in other basic process design engineering tasks as directed.
  • Responsible for preparing piping and instrumentation drawings, performing calculations and studying design specifications.
  • Produced detail design calculations and sketches for materials of construction.
  • Provided guidelines and instructions to drafters/designers for preparing drawings as required.
  • Performed task of producing estimate level preliminary designs and material take-offs suitable for the level of estimate being performed on the project.
  • Improved and controlled liquid ceramic slurry properties, resulting in increased part yield of ceramic cores with highly defined shapes.
  • Performed initial trial runs to implement novel core making process researched by GE's R&D team, reducing health and environmental impact of present slurry.
  • Streamlined injection molding process and controlled sintering temperatures for alumina cores, reducing scrap by 20%.
  • Reduced equipment downtime by 90+%, saved costs, and ensured on time customer delivery by designing and implementing a continuous shell making process from a batch process.
  • Worked closely with raw material supplier on material requirements and specifications, developing and implementing unique, rare earth slurry required as face coat for single crystal alloy castings.
  • Lead Process Engineer on $4.6M project to bring a new product to market. Engineering design for full-scale nanofiltration unit occurred simultaneously utilizing data from NF pilot plant operations. Led team to install and operate a pilot plant trial for capability studies and sample production. Coordinated with site quality, engineering, contractors, and operations staff to successfully produce the further refined new chemical product.
  • Led efforts to develop an overall plant-wide mass balance to calculate yield and quantify losses.
  • Executed Root Cause Failure Analysis on process rupture disc failures in order to reduce annual frequency.
  • Investigated ignition event and developed new procedure to remove explosive hazard in shared vent header.
  • Shortened regeneration time on resin column by 80%, saving 36k gallons DI Water per rinse.


  • Develop and recommend improvements in design standards to lower costs, improve work quality and facilitate plant maintenance
  • Provide cost and schedule information for budget development and project management
  • DMS ( Daily Management System) improvement
  • Cooperation with the Product Development in the new products industrialization and the improvement of the existing products
  • Support of the Quality Manager in the claims management
  • Basic Productivity Cycle work process, with more effort in loss eradication and loss prevention topic
  • Scope of work definition and preparation of tender docs, perform bid reviews.


  • Negotiated a costs savings plan with merchants that cut office expenses by $25,000 annually.
  • Achieved client objectives, including optimizing marginal fuel by 23%, increasing catalyst run length by 45% and eliminating unnecessary processes.
  • Guided project team in developing AFE for cumene revamp and engineered improvements on hot oil exchanger system that boosted energy efficiency to an all-time high of 98.6%.
  • Saved $1.1M in fixed costs by spearheading new flush procedures that extended hydrotreater catalyst lifespan.
  • Led comprehensive training on topics including safe operations of process units (including MOCs, HAZOPs and P&IDs), SPC analysis and refinery standards and procedures.


  • Communication Plans
  • Risk Assessment Reports
  • Technology Solutions
  • Data center management
  • Microsoft Visual Basic
  • Networking
  • Project Management
  • Monitoring Safety Processes
  • Quality Control Inventory
  • Process Improvements
  • Operations Research

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