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Procurement Officer


A results driven, hardworking and capable procurement manager with a track record of significantly reducing costs and also improving a company's processes and corporate purchasing programs. Having a proven ability to ensure that a company enjoys a competitive edge when compared to their competitors by securing the best quality, price and terms from suppliers. Always delivering results against strategic objectives, whilst working within the organisations core values and beliefs. Now looking for a new and challenging managerial position, one that will make best use of existing abilities and knowledge and also further my career and professional development.


Results-oriented, highly productive procurement management professional with demonstrated ability to significantly reduce procurement costs by standardising processes, negotiating favourable terms and streamlining supplier channels. I have a proven ability to ensure that a company enjoys a competitive edge when compared to their competitors by securing the best quality, price and terms from suppliers. My goal is to get a position where I can exercise my experience in purchasing and supply chain management within a company that strives toward business growth.


Highly experienced procurement officer with 10 years of experience in executive planning and production. Dedicated and committed to growing and expanding businesses and have a proven track record of success. Hold extensive knowledge of business practices, economics, and acquiring. Prioritise strong communication skills to delegate tasks and lead employees effectively. Developed analytical and evaluation skills to make the best acquisition and investment decisions.


Skilled procurement manager with two years of experience at the managerial level and five years in the industry. Background in providing excellent service for large corporations that encounter detailed and ever fluctuating purchasing needs. Extremely detail oriented, with a positive, upbeat personality.


Responsible for working closely with the selected supplier and managing the company’s procurement activities. Also providing leadership for the purchasing department and motivating staff to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. Making sure that the purchasing department works within all of the companies Operational Procedures.


  • Managing a team of 10 professional buyers.
  • Responsible for Order Placement Timing, Supply / Demand Alignment, Material Replenishment and Supplier Performance.
  • Continuously monitoring, evaluating and improving supplier performance.
  • Sourcing the most affordable materials for the company's manufacturing process.
  • Projecting stock levels.
  • Reviewing tenders and bids.
  • Controlling the purchasing budget.
  • Monitoring delivery times to ensure they are on time.
  • Ensuring the adequate supply of all required materials, components and equipment.
  • Delivering cost savings for the company.
  • Managing the procurement supplier relationships for the company.
  • Helping to source alternative items for buyers and customers.
  • Developing sourcing strategies.
  • Managing commodity cost initiatives.
  • Preparing high quality tender documentation.
  • Regularly contacting suppliers to renegotiate prices.
  • Resolving disputes and claims with vendors and suppliers.
  • Keeping all supplier programs current and accurate.
  • Delegating projects and tasks to junior staff.


Responsible for the approval of all major procurement activities and the development and implementation of strategic procurement plans.


  • Establishing new processes and systems for effective procurement.
  • Preparing cash flow statements.
  • Attending important meetings and client get together.
  • Establishing a central procurement service.
  • Speaking to subordinates and explaining exactly what needs to be done and what is expected of them.
  • Developing the company’s purchasing strategy.
  • Regularly visiting locally, national and international suppliers.
  • Managing the delivery of multiple activities in parallel.
  • Investigating the commercial integrity of sub-contracts.
  • Developing good relationships with key suppliers to ensure best value for money.
  • Setting targets for members of the procurement team.
  • Signing cheques and processing payments and invoices.
  • Investigate the market to identify potential acquisitions and perform research to determine how appealing each opportunity is.
  • Oversee all inventory and equipment purchases, identifying areas of potential savings.
  • Relay information to inventory and employee management team, taking their reports into consideration at all times.
  • Create forecast of demand to be prepared for upcoming requirements.
  • Review delivery orders to ensure supply is met, taking availability, cost, manufacturing process, and lead times into consideration.
  • Improved profits by nearly 10 percent.
  • Liaising and negotiating with suppliers to agree on prices.
  • Regularly updating suppliers’ database for future strengthening of relationships.
  • Managing of stores and stock control.
  • Handling all invoices for payment and filing document accordingly.
  • Responsible for preparing Request for Quotation forms and summaries.
  • Following up on suppliers for delivery of goods and services.


  • Responsible for all material and equipment needs for the Division’s Any City-area construction projects including managing purchasing, controlling inventory, overseeing operation of the Southwest Region Distribution Center, and maintaining and scheduling a $8 million fleet of construction vehicles and aerial equipment.
  • Managed a staff of 30 and assumed responsibility for developing an annual operating budget of $ 3.6 million excluding materials.
  • Conducted production planning and budgeting for all for Any City-area construction projects, projects averaging $1 - 2 million.
  • Provided assistance to project staff at the Divsion’s other locations in the areas material sourcing, technical support and vendor relations.
  • Reduced new equipment purchases by 38% by managing all assets of the Southwest Region Distribution Center and better coordinating equipment needs for construction projects taking place throughout the country.
  • Reduced fleet costs by 18% by establishing preferred vendors, improving tracking and scheduling processes, and implementing a maintenance log.
  • Writing monthly reports as required and directed by my supervisor.
  • Recording and changing prices for goods received.
  • Following up on suppliers to ensure there are not delays and to pick up on problems in time.
  • Helping out in the review of systems and functioning processes of the procurement department.
  • Managing and updating supplier database.


  • Establishing effective operating policies, lean initiatives and processes.
  • Comprehensive understanding & experience of purchasing strategies and also inventory management.
  • Regularly achieving cost saving targets.
  • Resourceful and well organised.
  • Extensive knowledge of purchase order systems and related software.
  • Created an innovative database using Sales force, resulting in a 50% reduction in response time for the processing of client queries.
  • Negotiated a costs savings plan with merchants that cut office expensive by $50,000 annually.


  • Business Needs Analysis
  • Could Cost Analysis
  • Strategic Sourcing Essentials
  • Category Management
  • Demand Management
  • Supplier Financial Analysis
  • Contracting & Contract Management
  • Global Sourcing
  • Strategic Sourcing Leadership
  • The Enquiry Process
  • Virtual Supplier Visit
  • Sustainable and Ethical Sourcing
  • Supplier Relationship Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Risk Management


  • Supply Chain Management
  • Finding Suppliers
  • Budget Management
  • Process Management
  • Purchasing Activities
  • Strong Negotiation Skills
  • Business Acumen
  • Team Leadership
  • Presentation Skills

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