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Project Manager


Project Manager with over 8 years of experience managing major construction projects, coordinating workforce team of 30+ subcontractors, and performing budget allocation and analysis. Practitioner aiming to leverage considerable experience and efficiency expertise into your project manager role. Possess a B.A. in Construction Management and knowledge of BIM Software, AutoCAD, and Revit.


Project Manager committed to high quality workmanship and following safety code regulations. Conscientious Construction Laborer skilled at ridding construction sites of potential hazards and promptly completing assigned tasks. Specializing in operating pressure and steam cleaning equipment used in site preparation. Excellent interpersonal skills, works in a timely and efficient manner to see tough jobs through to completion. Dynamic communicator who consistently exceeds goals and company expectations.


Analytical and astute Project Manager with 10 years career experience. Highly adept and knowledgeable in systems integration managed network services data network technology. Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills and strong work ethic.


Project Manager offering a comprehensive knowledge of the principles, techniques and instruments used in surveying and civil engineering drafting. Highly effective at finding the best methods possible to complete exceptional construction projects. Strong knowledge of civil engineering principles and concepts. Managing experience with 7 years leading teams of general contractors and laborers on large scale residential and commercial construction projects. Expertise in surveying, drafting and roadway and pipeline inspection.


  • Maintained project schedules by managing timelines and making proactive adjustments.
  • Managed up to 20 projects per year.
  • Reviewed plans and specs during the schematic design of pre-construction.
  • Coordinated utility service providers according to project schedules.
  • Obtained building and specialty permits from local jurisdictional agencies.
  • Conducted weekly production and operations contractor meetings, which facilitated stronger communication and the ability to resolve critical issues.
  • Performed regular job site observations to provide direction for all general contractor personnel.
  • Implemented and managed multiple retention campaigns, rate plan optimization and account review processes, which ensured customer satisfaction and reduce company churn.
  • Compiled project requirements for the development of Software Applications and Ad Hoc reporting, to include documenting stakeholder requirements and tracking milestones until project completion.
  • Worked with RF Engineers and Site Acquisition Teams on proposed CDMA/IDEN network and tower enhancements.
  • Served as Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the area of CDMA devices. Working knowledge of 2G, 3G, 4G and GSM wireless networks.
  • Reported to the vice president of production on conformance with the contract schedule.
  • Conducted all critical pre-installation conferences with general contractors, subcontractors, consultants and manufacturer’s representatives.
  • Worked with construction administration consultants to plan field observations on schedule.
  • Digitally archived weekly progress and technical “Knowledge Base” photographs of all assigned projects.


  • Prepared and followed through on all required punch lists.
  • Oversaw the entire building turnover process, while enhancing communication between all construction management.
  • Assisted the operations group with warranty service repairs.
  • Offered direction to landscape architects on all landscaping projects.
  • Assisted the vice president of production in the review, approval and archiving of all closeout documents.
  • Determined the project schedule, which included the sequence of all construction activities.
  • Provided safety kits to all construction personnel, which complied with safety protocols for the job site.
  • Prepared regular interval progress reports.
  • Offered technical assistance to service providers.
  • Reported the quality of performance on site to all site construction managers.
  • Conducted routine quality audits to ensure that work was progressing per the specifications and initiated corrective actions.
  • Guided and directed third-party inspectors through project construction, commissioning and closeout.
  • Avoided construction delays by efficiently following through with all site inspections in a timely manner.
  • Supported construction management in emergency repair and restoration on both oil and natural gas pipeline systems.
  • Scheduled all contractors and materials deliveries.
  • Trained and promoted continued education for all onsite crew members.
  • Implemented systems to improve process efficiency and reduce the project duration.
  • Performed research, analyzed moderately complex information, developed and presented account recommendations to sales force, which facilitated business growth.


  • Reduced implementation steps, saving time and additional employee costs.
  • Identified roadblocks, developing solutions for timely implementation and escalating issues as needed.
  • Communicated effectively with client and internal team regarding project status, presenting effective reports (oral and written) to all levels.
  • Trained end users in basic functionality, ensuring efficient use, greater accuracy, and provider time saved.
  • Built dynamic relationships with internal and external teams, fostering smooth and fluid implementations.
  • Used Business Objects to create excel spreadsheet reporting & cost per revenue usage for corporate accounts.
  • Reduced corporate customer churn from 2.43% to .98% among assigned accounts.
  • Introduced self-service options by training corporate customers in the RightNow Tool.
  • Performed proactive account analysis and delivered care solutions with corporate accounts to anticipate customer needs.
  • Guaranteed complex project completion, including vendor integrations and hospital implementations, in collaboration with internal and external departments.
  • Boosted integrated product new sales success rate to 87%, valued $1.5M annually, participating and assisting in sales process as pre-sales technical resource and subject matter expert.
  • Grew integrated product renewal retention rate to 95%, increasing customer satisfaction and retaining business, providing product trainings and customer support.
  • Delivered follow-up actions and customer support, increasing completed implementations 99%.


  • Led over 23 projects that were all completed within budget and on schedule.
  • Managed construction of a 6000 square foot building.
  • Managed a construction budget of more than $500 thousand.
  • Received numerous letters of recommendation and overall appreciation from customers.
  • Promoted to Senior Project Manager after 15 years of employment.
  • Managed completion of residential and commercial construction projects valued in excess of $1.5 million annually.
  • Trained and mentored 35 junior team members.
  • Improved the accuracy of budget forecasts.
  • Established good working relationships with customers/clients.
  • Developed and implemented client service program, which expanded small-to-medium client base 35%
  • Expanded business development to include deposits and loans, which increased loan business 25%.
  • Developed and implemented indirect lending program, which filled a need as identified by customer feedback.
  • Offered plans for enhancement in which children are encouraged to be engaged in the learning process.


  • Design Experience
  • Commercial Construction Expert
  • Building Systems & Services
  • Interior & Exterior Renovation
  • General Contracting Professional
  • Commercial Structures
  • Project Scheduling
  • Proficient in Auto Cad
  • Time Management
  • HSE Certified


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