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Enthusiastic teacher with 6+ years’ successful track record in middle school teaching. Acquired relevant professional education and training to get the right concepts of teaching. Hands-on experience in facilitating and guiding reading, writing, oral language skills as well as delivering reading intervention instructions. Adept at managing multiple tasks simultaneously such as planning, setting, evaluating exams and assignments. Actively takes part in staff meetings and school programs. Possess a positive and effective teaching style with the willingness to work above and beyond the call of duty.


Diligent and success-driven early childhood educator, specialized in Bachelor of Early Childhood Education with a working experience of 4 years. Built a reputation of a compassionate, hardworking, and an excellent role model within an incredible short span of time. Acts as a facilitator for incorporating and encouraging intellectual and social development in students. Effective communicator and resourceful teacher who has a proven ability to enhance students’ performance to shape a better world for the students and empower them with knowledge.


Elementary school teacher with 9 years of experience in voluntarily participating in organising events, like camping trips, educational tours, etc. Possess the ability to multitask in a fast-paced environment. Known for assisting with the implementation of school programs including K-6th grade student tours and student exhibitions. Multilingual in Spanish, English and Italian. Honest in student appraisal. Dynamically maintains healthy relationships with all teaching and non-teaching staff members. Devoted to inculcate model behaviour and mannerisms in the students by self-example.


  • Recognised for teaching excellence, enthusiastic instruction and “above-and-beyond” commitment to maximising learning outcomes and student success.
  • Selected as special education team lead at ABC and as peer mentor at Orient. Coached teachers in best practices for curriculum modification, IEP design, lesson planning, instructional delivery, learner evaluation, classroom management and safe behavioural intervention strategies for learning-different and special needs students.
  • Led “buddy” program partnering special and general education teachers and students in the same classroom for selected subjects. Improved grade-level performance of special needs and general population students by an average of 12% and 5%, respectively, while advancing school goals of increased tolerance/acceptance.
  • Prepare children for state and national tests.
  • Develop and implement lesson plans in keeping with district requirements.
  • Apply positive reinforcement to redirect negative behaviors.
  • Work closely with para-professionals to address the behaviors of special needs students.


  • Adapted lesson to students’ learning styles.
  • Had children work in small groups on problem solving.
  • Began as a newly-qualified teacher in the ‘Outstanding’ school of 150 pupils aged 3–11.
  • Motivated and stimulated children, encouraging learning through experience.
  • Provided pastoral care and support to children, and a secure environment in which to learn.
  • Observed, assessed and recorded children’s progress, and shared knowledge with both practitioners and parents as required.
  • Assessed reading and math levels.
  • Wrote reports and recommendations to parents if children were falling behind.
  • Designated Safeguarding teacher, co-leading on safeguarding with the deputy head teacher.
  • Provide full learning experience and support for students beyond set classes, working with pupils experiencing barriers to learning across the academic range.
  • Put packages of help in place where needed, liaising with SENCO and outside agencies.
  • Provide enrichment opportunities for Year 3 and 4.
  • Special responsibility for diversity and creativity.


  • Created and implemented daily and unit lesson plans for 3rd grade, administered testing, and tracked and analysed class performance.
  • Planned and managed change in line with the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Phonics scheme.
  • Led, managed and supported staff, coordinating training in Phonics as and when required.
  • Observed Phonics being taught and provided classroom support for children.
  • Assessed children and analysed data to keep standards and expectations high.
  • Conducted group and one-on-one math, reading, and writing activities.
  • Developed excellent rapport with students.
  • Fostered a classroom environment conducive to learning and promoting excellent student engagement.
  • Conducted parent conferences.
  • A temporary post covering the Year 3 class.
  • Taught Phonics, Maths and Art.
  • Identified an unsatisfactory display before an Ofsted inspection, retaught children the subjects involved and created a new display, resulting in an excellent Ofsted report on the department.
  • Volunteered within this community mixed school to gain experience.
  • Interacted with small groups, led several focus group sessions and helped the classroom teacher with transitions, the register and whole class teaching sessions.


  • Established an extracurricular book club that resulted in 50+ students joining and reading an average of 15 books a year.
  • Increased standardized test score for students in Math (30%) and Science (24%) by implementing creative coursework into the curriculum.
  • Individually created, developed and implemented an inclusion module to incorporate students with special needs into a regular educational system.
  • Implemented a series of activities based learning programs, resulting in increased student interest in regular lessons.
  • Introduced the school management to a novel behavior management program, which reduced incidents of unacceptable behavior by 75%.
  • Led a student body for an MUN (Model United Nations), convention, receiving an award for the best and most intense involvement in the core program.
  • Successfully implemented the International Baccalaureate program, resulting in increased representation of the school on an international level.
  • Awarded as the best teacher of the decade owing to exceptional contribution to the state education system.
  • Created, developed and implemented an all-encompassing curriculum on a state level, without help from external sources.
  • Directed Student Comp, a reading comprehension exercise which resulted in 70% increase in students’ participating in reading exercises
  • Designed a series of multimedia presentations for the IB program to familiarize parents with the new system
  • Implemented an applied behavior analysis program which increased students’ ability to initiate tasks independently
  • Collaborated with a local library to introduce young students to the concept of reading and “real” books
  • Encouraged students to learn about their cultural heritage by creating a series of family tree lessons
  • Enriched students’ learning environments by incorporating short history, art and literature lessons into original curriculum.


  • Patience
  • Tolerance
  • Bilingual: French & English
  • Master’s Degree In Elementary Education
  • Decision making
  • Critical thinking
  • Organization & planning
  • Advanced verbal communication skills
  • Self-motivation
  • High levels of energy
  • Flexibility

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