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A team player with excellent communication skills and academic qualifications, recently graduated with a degree in Architectural Designing. Possessing a proven ability to ensure projected architectural designs are functional, safe and economical and meet the needs of the client. Excellent communication skills to keep in touch with clients to ensure that the project designs match their needs.

Highly experienced and skilled Architectural Designer with a long and proven record of customer satisfaction. Adept at working on multiple projects simultaneously. Winner of several industry awards and citations.


Professionally licensed Architect with a Master’s degree in Architecture and more than 5 years’ experience designing commercial buildings, offices and residential homes seek to transition to public infrastructure architecture. I am a certified expert in AutoCAD, Bridge Designer. Problem-solving and critical thinking are my 2 strongest qualities which are highly important when looking for solutions that benefit the general public.


  • Calculating & verifying the estimated parts required for repair.
  • Working closely with other professionals like surveyors and civil engineers.
  • Producing drawings and specifications for construction teams
  • Involved in designing student campus accommodation and associated facilities.
  • Identifying customer requirements and attending meetings on site.
  • Helping to co-ordinate technicians and craftspeople.
  • Assessing the impact a building will have on the local environment.
  • Ensuring building projects are completed within budget and schedule.
  • Liaising with local authorities and regulatory bodies re: building regulations.
  • Helping to prepare company tender applications.
  • Writing design and technical reports.
  • Performed due diligence pre-design research to meet regulatory standards and approval.
  • Prepared drawings to meet office CAD standards.
  • Maintained project tracking systems and prepared construction drawing sheet files.


  • Developing, testing and make modifications to mechanical equipment.
  • Developed aesthetic composition and logistical analysis for models drawings and sketches.
  • Prepared 3D renderings and document packages for presentation.
  • An understanding of all aspects of the design and procurement process.
  • Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills.
  • Responsible for specifying the nature and quality of materials required.


  • Work in a team of five on a residential building project.
  • Drafting of building designs using AutoCAD, Revit 3D and Studio 4D Max.
  • Making 3D models and prototypes using various materials.
  • Arranging architectural workshops.
  • Documentation using Revit.


  • Under supervision developed planning permits documentation for client’s projects.
  • Provided backup support to other departments which was highly admired by the General Manager.
  • Solved issues as Coordinating Project Architect for major companies.
  • Saved thousands of dollars by addressing, editing and refining lax CAD standards while selectively maintaining many existing standards.
  • Identified key solutions and addressed spatial issues as Project Architect.
  • Achieved completion as Project Architect for $1M, 3 unit condominium building.
  • Designed 5 unit townhouse as Project Architect; meeting all deadlines.
  • Generated plans as Project Architect for four unit townhouse.
  • Awarded ‘Top Achiever’ status above all other employees who joined through the company graduate scheme.
  • Offered plans for enhancement in which children are encouraged to be engaged in the learning process in engineering field.
  • Identified and utilized variety of learning materials, resources and technology methods [such as: Internet-learning, library, team learning] to support & improve the instructional environment.
  • Provided exceptional support to managers and co-workers which increased overall efficiency by 15%.
  • Achieved appreciation letter for arranging team meetings and publishing accurate minutes.
  • Rewarded for getting highest percentage in university exam.
  • Actively participated in various college events.
  • Positive attitude with a goal oriented approach & Innovative mind with, Cordial nature.


  • Communication
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Project Management
  • Networking
  • 2D & 3D Visualization
  • Building Regulations
  • Planning and Designing
  • Process Validation
  • Problem Solving

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